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From what their Facebook says, it looks like we could be getting a full discography of reissues of the Format catalog. We'll find out tomorrow, but it looks pretty obvious to me that the pixelated picture is of newly reissued colored records.


Anyone know what the black one could be? I'm speculating a live album possibly? Either way, id be so happy to have Snails and B-Sides on vinyl.


New artwork for their original "EP"? - Yellow vinyl (Top left)

B-Sides and Rarities - 2xLP Pink vinyl (Mid left)

Snails EP - Dark Green vinyl (Bottom left)

Interventions and Lullabies - Grey/White? (Top right)

Dog Problems - 2xLP Light blue vinyl (Middle Right)

Black vinyl on bottom right? Idk

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Agreed! I hope that's what it is, I don't know why they'd change the cover for it though. The green one fit so perfectly.

well the orange and yellow was the og color scheme when they self released it, but then Western Tread, Jim Adkins label, started distributing it and had a red one and changed with each press until the green was the last I think. I still have the orange cover CD so I'm pretty keen on it if they are going with that!

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