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dont know if this is new news or not... but here it is (from the elliott smith myspace):

thanks to calvinlaporte from sweetaddy for posting wonderful info about a new reissue of elliott's xo and figure 8 records. calvinlaporte posted 2 links to musicdirect.com that list both vinyl versions of the records for sale with a february 8, 2008 release date. both records will be 180 gram vinyl lps with xo only having one lp while figure 8 is collected on 2 lps. it is kinda unclear who is repressing these records. bong load records originally pressed the first copies when the albums came out and eventually they became out of print and have been sought ever since at a premium. musicdirect lists the manufacter/label as domestic lp. i am unsure if they are the actual label or not. my research shows elusivedisc.com also comfirms a release of both represses but has a different release date, february 19, 2008. yay! this is great news for fans who have been looking for the vinyl versions for a reasonable price! if you are interested in ordering either record or both, please check out these links: xo at musicdirect.com & figure 8 at musicdirect.com. thanks to whomever is rerelasing the records :)

XO: http://www.musicdirect.com/product/80977

FIGURE 8: http://www.musicdirect.com/product/80978

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