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  1. Just trying to remind people that they exist and get back on the radio.
  2. I have nothing to say... I just wanted to be a part of this.
  3. Some more gone... someone buy the rest of this stuff!
  4. That glitter mock-up looks fantastic... but is there really a chance it will actually look like that?
  5. I was there last night, so you already have your answers.. but I was surprised (and happy) that Red City Radio got 45 minutes, though I could have done without a Bon Jovi cover.
  6. Now with the MCR re-uniting, wonder if James is back with them and possibly played a part of his split with TGUK. I really think that IG account was someone that ordered merch directly from him and never got it. I don't expect any Pitchfork article.
  7. Discussion about an album I truly love and pictures of cats.. this has officially become my favorite thread on VC.