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  1. For anyone who ordered from Dr. Strange Records: I'd advise giving them a call and ask if your order went through. They'll be able to tell you on the spot and start the refund/cancel pending process (Just did)
  2. Completely forgot about BM's sale as I was heading to class but it looks like I wouldn't have had too much luck anyhow I'm pretty set on releases now but would've copped the Lost in Translation soundtrack if I saw it
  3. They're a real brick & mortar store that handles online orders all year long. You'd be fine to order from them if you're willing to. Edit: They've sold out apparently--good luck!
  4. Oy, I wanted it but I couldn't justify the cost I'm hopeful it'll be one of those that depreciates post-RSD but I doubt it
  5. GOT DEATH GRIPS DESPITE TRIPPING UP LIKE FIVE TIMES WITH CARD INFO ON ROUGH TRADE Wooo, this was prob my best RSD ever Thank you all, you rule
  6. They would be a lot more fun of a gimmick if they could play on regular TT's Though I'm not quite sure why they wouldn't? I've just seen the disclaimer
  7. Oh perf, everything is going to work out and I'm going to be super happy with the outcome then!
  8. Does anyone remember how the Rough Trade drop works? Will the add-to-cart button be on the item page rather than the complete list page like Plaid Room?
  9. I hope it works out! It's the last thing I'm hunting for and if I don't find it at retail I'm just going to skip on it
  10. I'd keep an eye out for a second copy just in case honestly, the peeps seemed pretty adamant that they were sold out pretty early on Also, was it DG 100 that it was listed as? I'm not seeing it otherwise
  11. What? They were sold out yesterday when I went, I didn't see it online either
  12. It's annoying but I thought one of the problems of RSD was the fact that stores get stuck with a bunch of overstock due to the ordering process I could be wrong or things could have changed but i don't know, I don't think it's crazy for some great stores to still be sitting on some of last year's RSD stock