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  1. 2 year later bump seriously though, anyone have this and feel like parting with it?
  2. Josh is one of my good friends and I've actually talked to him about licensing the rights to this to do a small pressing of it. I've found a few copies of it in the wild but most were near the KC/Lawrence area where most of them originally sold. If I end up doing a reissue of it with the full band's blessing (maybe impossible) then VC will be the first to know. For those of you that really want to find it, look at places like Love Garden in Lawrence and Zebs/Vinyl Renaissance/Mills in KC. It shows up in those spots semi-frequently, as does Your Majesty. As for Vagrant, as far as I know they do not care at all so waiting for them to do a reissue is probably not worth your time
  3. Is this the right thread to announce that I think Sleater-Kinney is really fucking boring and overrated?
  4. Not bad, especially for an album that's long overdue for a reissue. Thanks for the heads up OP!
  5. you're probably not alone but I think this is my favorite BtS album. different strokes! any idea what they'll be charging? I saw MOV and just assumed $40
  6. I keep seeing this thread jump back up to the top and hoping that it's some substantiated info about a repress but really it's just a slap fight about whether Modest Mouse is more popular than Nine Inch Nails
  7. I know that Wonder What's Next was wildly popular but Point #1 deserves to be on vinyl pretty bad too. I hope they eventually get to it.
  8. These are chronological and it was the last thing they did so don't expect it until box #4
  9. even polka? happy hardcore? technical bluegrasscore?
  10. Everyone has their own interesting and eclectic mix of records...which genres do you specialize in? I'm always fascinated to hear what styles other people get excited about. Be as vague or specific as you want! I've got a lot of 90s rock, trumpet-focused jazz, 2000s metal, and 90s dance
  11. 200 bucks is a car payment so it would have to be something pretty gnarly for me to go that high. I think the most i've ever justified was around 100, but i guess as long as you're happy. i've just had way too many situations where I shell out 85 bucks for something rare that ends up getting reissued 6 months later for 25 bucks to do that anymore
  12. I bought the Adele record because I think that I thought it would be cool if i just happened to have it when someone wanted to listen to records. At the time it made perfect sense and now I don't listen to it and am too embarrassed to sell it. One day I'll pass my records down to my kids and they'll be like "dad what the hell, you've got dillinger escape plan and adele in the same shelf?"
  13. Debut Carbon or Rega RP1. I'm a firm believer in Rega products but both tables sound great. Grado carts sound pretty solid on the Rega too, and I think you can get a prestige blue for 100 bucks if you look around.
  14. I wouldn't worry about the EQ either. If you have some extra money to spend, make sure your cartridge is great and if not, think about upgrading it, then consider upgrades to the speakers and/or receiver. If you get a great set up with basic but high quality components, you don't really need to mess with EQ.