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  1. Marbled? or one blue, one white? I cant wait to own and spin it regardless of color. Just curious is all.
  2. Does anyone know if the marbled blue and white variant is for US Indie record stores? I have on on hold at my local shop once they come in sometime this week. Just wondering.
  3. Fireside being up for preorder deserves it's own thread imo. Ordered both of those as well.
  4. my copy sounds pretty good despite the vinyl being warped. currently putting it through a second ezbake oven vinylflat session in hopes of it not being warped.
  5. Looking to buy or trade for a vinyl copy of Anthrax - Stomp 442. prefer to buy but I have a few things for trade, Return of the Living Dead picture disc Tigers Jaw -Self titled repress orange vinyl out of 200 Let me know if you can help me out. Thanks
  6. If I remember, disarm came out on black vinyl several months or longer after the initial release. I purchased it, then 6 months later they released a version on gold vinyl. I'm equally puzzled that the new Devil You Know record also hasn't been released on vinyl. I'll buy Incarnate and the new Devil You Know on vinyl if they are ever released, otherwise I'll just keep streaming both of them.
  7. I just received my copy. the vinyl looks great, the cover im ok with, the inner sleeve is the image from the original movie poster and it sounds amazing on my system. I still really want that soundtrack but im really happy I ordered this as I'm a huge fan of the comic, character and original movie.
  8. I'll have to give mine a good cleaning and see if it helps. I have some serious surface noise on my copy of Driven. That's the only one from the collection I've listened to though as of now.
  9. Did you get a 'shipped' notification? and if so, how long from notification to actual delivery? I received a pre ship notification with a tracking number a week ago with no movement at all since that happened.
  10. Which email address did the ship notification come from?
  11. Nice! I just did the same. Confused how ordering from the amazon UK is cheaper by $14 dollars than if I ordered through US Amazon but I'm not complaining. Ive been chasing this one for a while.
  12. This record is fun as hell. I'll be purchasing. I like everything they did up to and including the self titled. really good, sunny, sing along so cal hard rock.
  13. I wish I could find these for cheap. I only ever see copies for $20 or more. Great records I'd love to won.