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  1. So I'm moving to Japan and I'm clearing out a HUGE chunk of my collection (it'll cost too much to ship there). I have everything from Industrial music (NIN, Ministry, RevCo, etc) all the way to 80's synth pop. Feel free to message me on eBay if you have any questions since I don't come around these parts all that often. http://m.ebay.com/sch/i.html?sid=addicted2boost&_pgn=1&isRefine=true
  2. My Option 30 7" came in REALLY fast.....lots of surface noise at first but then it quiets down when the songs start. Sadly one of the labels look like it didnt adhere to the record all the way and its lifting pretty badly
  3. oh so it's been out for a while.....interesting. Well, I'll report back on the sound once I get my copy. For $15, I couldn't pass it up
  4. Looks like someone finally pressed the Option 30 material to a bootleg 7". I just picked up a copy on eBay for $14.99 and it looks like a few other copies are up for sale by other sellers. Jump on this while you can as I'm sure this was a limited run and NIN fans will be drooling over this (even if its sourced from Mp3s)
  5. My bootleg copy of The Crow soundtrack sounds like shit and has pops/cracks throughout almost all of the songs. It was a major let down but then Lost Highway came in and saved my opinion on buying bootlegs. I think I have a few U2 boots as well as Depeche Mode and all of them sound decent to good..... I say go for a bootleg if the price is right or the OG press is insanely expensive
  6. I'm in the same boat as hxcoliver, I'm totally willing to drop $20-60 for a bootleg that sounds good in place of the original pressing if the the price will save me a couple hundred dollars. Case in point, see below.... The OG press usually goes for $250-400. Fuck that. I just bought a bootleg that sounds awesome for $35 AND it came on colored wax....
  7. Got my hands on this copy FINALLY. I bought one of the last ones during the recent batch and I have to say that for a bootleg, this thing sounds fantastic. The bass is solid and not muddy which is something I usually find with bootleg records. If you had any reservations about picking this up, forget about them and drop the $35. (Happy National Beer Day btw) Even the record labels are crystal clear. I'm used to them being super blurry on bootlegs!
  8. I'm jumping on this for sure! https://www.newburycomics.com/rel/v2_viewupc.php?storenr=103&upc=103-2078460N
  9. Got mine as well. Sadly mine came with a huge crease in the jacket Also, the jacket is made with very flimsy cardboard which was also surprising.
  10. Not really vinyl related (Well, it does promote the release of the 2x LPs!), but I finally got my promo posters framed!
  11. MAIL DAY TODAY!!!! pardon my messy kitchen island Nirvana - Bleach 2014 Bootleg pressing Nirvana - Incesticide 2014 Bootleg pressing Marilyn Manson - Hot Topic variant (I've now got all three!!) For a bootleg the Nirvana LPs are amazing. Bleach is pressed on 180g..... Yup, it's clear!
  12. Ugh.....I hate how high this LP usually sells for.....its one of my white whale records http://www.ebay.com/itm/DEPECHE-MODE-SONGS-OF-FAITH-AND-DEVOTION-LIVE-1993-UK-PRESS-MUTE-LSTUMM-106-/291374536167?pt=UK_Records&hash=item43d74695e7
  13. Or you can send me $75 + $5 for shipping and I'll go to ESR and pick up that copy for you
  14. I've got NIN's Year Zero and Marilyn Manson's Portrait LPs up for sale..... http://www.ebay.com/sch/addicted2boost/m.html?item=281587966417&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562

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