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  1. if you end up getting two after all, I'll be glad to help out & buy one!
  2. quick question - how is the flenser usually when it comes to shipping? been waiting almost a month for a sannhet cd/record bundle. don't want to shoot them an email if they just tend to be slow to ship.
  3. updated. selling off all my whirr, someone take it off my hands.
  4. i seriously recommend that anyone checking this out grabs a copy of the center of the sun lp. phenomenal stuff.
  5. if they matched spotify's prices they would probably have more of a case for themselves
  6. no problems here w/ my clear copy. it sounds exceptional, actually. might just be a defective copy
  7. new track rips. US store has translucent orange /650 and opaque green /500.
  8. the most heavily slept on/underappreciated topshelf release, IMO. album is packed w bangers, front to back.
  9. what's the shibby on that haze variant? any ideas???

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