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  1. Yep. Fingers crossed though. I've never had any problems with this label, but given how the USPS is being handled, who knows when we'll get it.
  2. Shitty. Got mine in the other day, it’s in two pieces. Thanks usps.
  3. MakeWar is now on Fat and their new album is up for preorder. Out 11/1 https://fatwreck.com/collections/makewar/products/get-it-together
  4. March 15th is the in store date, so probably later this week or next week.
  5. I got my copy on the 14th. Contact them if you didn't received a tracking number.
  6. I didn’t see The Pauses set, I was at another show during their set. But as a backing band for Jonah, they were fine. The show was awesome. I recommend going.
  7. Backed the $90 lot. W+S is one of my favorite albums. Saw Jonah a few months back do the album with The Pauses, it was absolutely amazing. There were like 19 people there. Jonah was such a nice guy.