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  1. Everything I'm listing here I mostly have for sale on Discogs, just hoping for more reach and maybe a lack of fees can bring down both our prices. $6 shipping for any number of records, CONUS only. Happy to cut bundle deals. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eVBDQqp2Nici6q_QEyLVbeN2TJCRXEn6gZuHdcbsN6s/edit?usp=sharing There's 4 tabs: Modern: ~140 records, anything 2000 and after Vintage: ~ 230 records, anything before 2000 Vaporwave ~ 35 records Video Game ~ 12 records There's a nice mix of a lot of different genres in here. I'll post some names here for visibility. MODERN: The War On Drugs, Washed Out, The Flaming Lips, Fuzz, Merzbow, Billie Eilish, Dirty Art Club, Mat Kerekes, Lydia, Foxwarren, The Abigails, The Japanese House, Turnover, Bibio, Daughters, Amen Dunes, Lights, Maroon 5, Tyr, Arcade Fire, The Jesus Lizard, Dwarves, Mogwai VINTAGE: Black Sabbath, Steely Dan, Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Iron Maiden, The Band, The Beatles, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Devo, Ahmad Jamal, Syd Barrett, Oingo Boingo, The Police, Ram Jam, The Doors, Cream, Tom Petty, B-52's, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Canned Heat, Janis Joplin, The Kingsmen, Van Halen, The Guess Who VAPORWAVE: Waterfront Dining, Desired, death's dynamic shroud.wmv, Flamingosis, Meltnet, Equip, Sangam, Windows96, My Sister's Fugazi Shirt, Auragraph, Saint Pepsi VIDEO GAME: Manawave, Hotline Miami, Lifeforce, Gimmick!, Zelda & Chill, Paradise KIller, Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth Let me know if there's any questions. Can ship as early as tomorrow. Cheers.
  2. Fuck yes. I missed on blue a few years ago and never found a reasonably priced copy since. so I’m happy to have something.
  3. It’s like Mach-Hommy. Don’t bother being logical about it you’ll never win
  4. I got Alt-J - An Awesome Wave when they did a half off thing. I will say the record is a beauty and sounds great, the cover has a holo thing going on. Never read the zine, don’t care. Maybe someday the quality and the price point will meet. But I think people are pretty sick of subscription services and blatant gouging. Literally can’t afford it anymore.
  5. Apparently this had a Bandcamp release this year and I missed it. If anyone grabbed this and would sell / trade please let me know. not that it matters but I got the minor 10” lathe repress and tape but I have searched hard for the original 12” that is apparently nowhere to be found, messaged the band years ago and everything. Very long on my want list. let me know! Lots to trade, modern, vintage, vapor, tapes, rare stuff, other emo stuff, I don’t know. Lots.
  6. Gotta do what I gotta do SON I mean if people don’t buy it for $20 I’ll probably just keep it. I’m never sure what people are looking for. I trawled my whole Discogs collection and have a whole list to double check when I get home. So.. more soon. Can’t eat records.
  7. Hello, I am selling a bunch of records because I recently left my job right before I took a trip for a wedding. Not the smartest economic decision but it had to be done. I posted on Reddit but got zero bites. Also some are cross-posted to Discogs but off-Discogs sales will always get a better deal. They've definitely raised their selling fees. Open to offers and negotiations. CONUS only for now, sorry. $5 shipped for any number of records. I don't get back til Sunday so everything would ship Monday 10/23. What I'm listing here is not nearly everything, but it's what I have prepared. When I return I'll sort out some more vintage that has to be tested, and more modern I'd be willing to let go. Feel free to browse the Discogs collection. Not everything is for sale, but there's some rarities, tapes, test presses, wax mage etc I would let go of depending on price. MODERN Akron/Family - S/T II: The Cosmic Birth And Journey Of Shinju TNT (2xLP black) NM/VG+ $12 Amen Dunes - Love (black vinyl lightly used) NM/VG+ $35 ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Source Tags & Codes (2xLP w/ etch, orange vinyl) M/NM $18 Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (2xLP black vinyl + etch) NM/VG+ $25 Arcade Fire - Reflektor (2xLP 180 gram Holo jacket) NM/NM $20 BadBadNotGood - III (2xLP black) NM/NM $16 Balam Acab - Child Death (foil stamped jacket #269/500) NM/NM $22 Balance Problems - Morning Sun (Tan vinyl /200 unplayed) NM/NM $20 Beach House - Teen Dream (2xLP black, no dvd, lightly used) $23 Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue (2xLP 2020 press, sealed new UK) $30 Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? (UO Orange vinyl, sealed new) M/NM $30 Daphne Loves Derby - Closing Down The Pattern Department (coke bottle vinyl, unplayed) NM/NM $20 Daphne Loves Derby - Good Night, Witness Light (opaque gold vinyl, no obi, top impact dmg) NM/VG+ $14 Dark Tea - Dark Tea (black vinyl, two crease lines, sealed and new) M/VG+ $12 Dark Tea - Dark Tea II (blue vinyl sealed and new, top impact dmg, corner crease) M/VG $12 Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist (2001 black repress played once) NM/NM $20 Dirty Art Club - FMTI (whirlpool vinyl, kitty cover, sealed and new) M/NM $65 Easy Star All Stars - Dub Side Of The Moon (green vinyl, played once, almost new) NM/NM $40 Erasers - Constant Connection (believed green vinyl, sealed and new) M/NM $13 Exusamwa - Excusez-Moi! (noise rock, lightly used, looks excellent) NM/VG+ $11 Flashlights - I'm Not Alone (yellow vinyl, lightly used) NM/VG+ $10 Funeral Advantage - Please Help Me (sealed, new, assumed black) M/NM $10 Fuzz - Fuzz II (Deluxe gold 2xlp. alternate gold foil cover, poster, light rub and wear) NM/VG+ $90 Garbage - Beautifulgarbage (White vinyl, sealed and new) M/NM $15 Harvard - The Inevitable & I (unplayed, Ocean Twist vinyl) NM/NM $50 Kurt Vile - (Watch My Moves) (sealed, new, emerald vinyl) M/NM $20 Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Return Of Django (played once, 2xLP 180 gram, black, barely used) NM/VG+ $60 Lou Reed - Transformer (lightly used repress, very minor wrinkles and one crease) NM/VG+ $20 Lvl Up - Return To Love (lightly used, black vinyl, one bump one small crease) NM/VG+ $15 Lydia - Assailants (never played, new, red variant + obi /100) NM/NM $55 Mat Kerekes - Luna & The Wild Blue Everything (sealed, new, white w/ blue triple button, wax bodega 'obi') M/NM $50 Millionyoung - Replicants (clear blue vinyl, lightly used, one ding) NM/NM $18 Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers (lightly used, OG black press 2xLP, two small bumps) VG+/VG+ $25 Mystic Braves - Mystic Braves (lightly used, 1 inch impact tear at top, one crushed corner, minor ring impression) VG+/VG+ $35 Nightmares For A Week / Banquets - Split (unplayed, blue/black marble vinyl. screenprinted jacket /100, lightly creased corners) NM/VG+ $12 Nirvana - Unplugged In New York (180 gram 25th anniversary press, sealed and new) M/NM $22 PACKS - Take The Cake (sealed and new, 1 inch crease on one corner) M/VG+ $9 The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - S/T (purple/pink swirl vinyl, sealed and new) M/NM $40 Pale Angels - Imaginary People (never played, no damaged) NM/NM $10 Pansies - Cascade Of Colors (played once, black vinyl, jacket is spectacular) NM/NM $85 Petite League - Rips One Into The Night (translucent red vinyl, still in shrink, minor corner bumps) NM/NM $25 Petite League - No Hitter (red vinyl w/ insert, never played, in shrink, corner bumps) NM/NM $25 Phantogram - Ceremony (sealed and new, minor ring wear in light) M/NM $20 Plastic Flowers - Absent Forever (purple in milky clear /100, never played, bumped corners) NM/VG+ $9 Quincy Jones - The Dude (foil stamped no. 1859, sealed and new, minty) M/NM $20 Richard Houghten - Sailing Through Rainbows Of Sound (green/white splatter, sealed and new) M/NM $45 Rob Crow's Gloomy Place - You're Doomed. Be Nice. (orange w/ purple splatter /300, play once, light ring wear in light) NM/VG+ $35 Rocket 455 - Go To Hell (radioactive green vinyl, played once, one pinched corner) NM/VG+ $30 Shannon And The Clams - Gone By The Dawn (green cream marble vinyl, played twice, no damage) NM/NM $45 Single Mothers - Our Pleasure (sealed, new, assumed black, light shelf wear) M/NM $15 Skate Korpse - Skate Korpse (lightly used, screenprint sleeve w/ inserts) VG+/NM $9 Slothrust - Parallel Timeline (played once, mild shelf wear, almost new) NM/NM $15 Sonny And The Sunsets - Tomorrow Is Alright (lightly used, black vinyl, light shelf wear) NM/VG+ $15 Strange Ranger - No Light In Heaven (sealed and new, light shelf wear) M/VG+ $16 Surf Rock Is Dead - We Have No Friends? (light blue vinyl /400, never played. corner bumps) NM/VG+ $20 S U R V I V E- RR7349 (3rd press. sea blue vinyl, played once, no damage) NM/NM $20 Tim Buckley - Look At The Fool (sealed black 180 gram /400, light shelf wear) M/VG+ $13 Treasure Mammal - I Will Cut You With My EBT Card (hand-poured vinyl /300, played twice, light shelf wear) NM/NM $17 Tristen - Aquatic Flowers (black vinyl, played once, almost new) NM/NM $9 Trust - TRST (original black press with hype sticker sleeve, lightly used) VG+/VG+ $60 Warm Soda - Symbolic Dream (ketchup + mustard vinyl, lightly used, light shelf wear) NM/VG+ $12 Weeping Icon - Weeping Icon (sealed, new, light shelf wear) M/NM $10 The Who - The Who Sell Out (sealed and new, 2xLP deluxe remaster, bonus tracks) M/NM $15 Work Drugs - Sierra (translucent blue vinyl, played once, corner bumps) NM/VG+ $22 Youth Lagoon - The Year Of Hibernation (original black press, no 7". Lightly used, top impact damage 1 1/2 inch tear) VG+/VG+ $15 COMPILATIONS + SOUNDTRACKS + MISC House Of The Rising Fuzz (clear w/ purple splatter vinyl /250, used item) VG+/VG+ $15 Winterkill Productions - Twilight Ride (PVC sleeve) NM/Generic $30 Vinyl Moon 035: How Much Boom? (sealed and new, standard) M/NM $25 Almost Famous (2xLP 180 gram, sealed and new, light ring impression) M/VG+ $22 The Graduate (50th anniversary edition, sealed and new) M/NM $18 Harold And Maude (Orange vinyl, RSD release, sealed and new) M/NM $28 $5 MODERN BIN (please add on to other items, or bundle a few) Autistic Youth - Landmine Beach Beaters / Prize Pets - Palmist Split Beep Beep - Business Casual Berry Jones - Tonight The Birthday Suits - Spin The Bottle: Adult Party Black Dice - Miles Of Smiles 12" Clean Equations - People / Variables Cut Teeth - Night Years Doubting Thomas Cruise Control - "Remember John Lydon Forever" Estrogen Highs - Irrelevant Future Factums - A Primitive Future Field Mouse - Episodic Flash Cubes - "Brilliant" Functional Blackouts - The Severed Tongue Speaks For Everyone Grand Trine - Sunglasses EP High Beams - Hallucination Holy Shit! - Holy Shit! The Hunters - Art Electric Japandroids - No Singles (jacket fucked up) The Lucky Punch - Kick Up A Hullabaloo Mike Wexler - Dispossession My Fictions - Stranger Songs Queen Moo - Mean Well Skelett - Shut Your Piehole Slug Guts - Playin' In Time With The Deadbeat Spectrals - Sob Story Stereotyperider - Songs In The Key Of F & U Sweet Japanese American Princesses - Virgin Vibe Talons - Hollow Realm Vilent Lovers Club - N.B.S.N.C. The W.I.N.K.S. - Too Hot To Be This Cool Wooden Waves - Wilder Dreams Various - Gazing With Tranquility: A Tribute To Donovan VINTAGE Anthony & The Imperials - Payin' Our Dues (normal wear, plays w/ crackle, writing) G+/VG $9 The Beach Boys - Endless Summer (1974 OG Winchester 2xLP, no poster, light marks and lines mostly do not affect play) VG/VG+ $8 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (1973 palm repress, normal wear, split top and corner. Remarkably clear) VG+/VG $28 Bob Welch - French Kiss (normal wear, light crackle, OIS) VG/VG $8 BrianBrain - Fun With Music (1985 press, slight discolored sleeve, minor wear otherwise) VG+/VG $7 Canned Heat - Canned Heat (2nd press, light wear, discolor, spine intact, no creases. Censored cover. Light crackle throughout, some scuffs and marks) VG/VG $14 The Chi-Lites - (For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People (1971 Scranton press. very light crackle in spots, jacket has normal mild wear and price sticker) VG/VG $8 Cream - Disraeli Gears (1970's repress, grey RSO labels, barcode + eye on back, light normal wear, looks great) VG/VG $25 The Doors - L.A. Woman (1976 Santa Maria reissue, butterfly label. Very light crackle in spots, very decent, mild shelf wear, no splits cuts or bends) VG+/VG $25 Duran Duran - Duran Duran (vinyl shiny, plays loud and clear - prints on label, minor ring wear and discolor to jacket) VG+/VG $13 Duran Duran - Rio (3rd press Winchester, glossy sleeve, minor wrinkles and rub, large crease bottom left corner, OIS. Loud and clear) VG/VG $18 Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True (1978 Santa Maria repress, disc could use a clean, light crackle, some pops at the beginning of each side, sleeve has wear and rub, one crushed corner, price sticker but decent) G+/G+ $8 Grateful Dead - Aoxomoxoa (1973 Santa Maria, palm tree labels) VG+/VG $25 The Guess Who - American Woman (1st press Rockaway orange label, sleeve lightly worn, minor creases along spine. Hype sticker advertising No Time affixed to jacket, light surface noise but overall great sound) VG/VG $15 Horace Pinker - Burn Tempe To The Ground (SEALED, small tear in shrink, may show slight shelf wear and ring impression, but no dents, creases, rips tears etc) M/VG+ $30 Iron Maiden - The Mark Of The Beast (OG press Winchester, light wrinkles along edge and light creasing on back, no rips or splits, OIS has split sides, light marks on vinyl dnap, light crackle in quietest spots but loud and clear the rest of the time) $50 OBO Janis Joplin - I Got Them Old Kozmic Blues Again Mama! (ring rear, rubbed edges, cut top left corner. Disc has some light marks and some crackle but no sklips) VG/VG $8 Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come Soundtrack (1979 Keel press, red mango label, jacket has slight discolor, stain, crease, price sticker but mostly solid. Disc has light scuff and very light crackle, decent copy overall) VG/VG $13 Joan Jett + The Blackhearts - I Love Rock n Roll (normal wear and rub, soft corners, no splits or rips, some marks on disc but plays great) VG/VG $8 Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I (70's reissue, orange text, club edition. Aside from normal stuff, mild edge wear, ring wear, mild creased corners, and a couple tiny dot sized stains, jackets pretty strong, spine readable, no splits or rips. Disc has light crackle, nothing major, a great listen) VG+/VG+ $22 Led Zeppelin - Untitled (IV) (1975 repress Presswell, jacket's a bit beat, heavy crease and spine is very frayed, writing on back. Gatefold looks good. vinyl is marked, plays with crackle but very listenable) VG/G+ Men Without Hats - Rhythm Of Youth (shiny clean disc, only the midlest crackle, light ring wear and discolor at bottom but mostly clean and intact) VG+/VG+ $12 Neil Young - American Stars and Bars (1977 Winchester press. Vinyl clean, loud and clear. Jacket has one dent at bottom left resulting in small rip, light ring wear, rest of jacket is great) VG+/VG $13 Neil Young with Crazy Horse - Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere (1970 2nd press, jacket has creasing, split back right corner, worn spine. Gatefold looks good. Marks on disc, light crackle but no skips) VG/G+ $10 Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Rust Never Sleeps (ring wear. edge rub, corner imperfect, no splits or rips. OIS. disc has light marks, mild crackle) VG/VG $13 Oingo Boingo - Nothing To Fear (1987 reissue, disc in excellent condition, shiny and clear, barely a crackle. Jacket has some wear, creasing, a saw cut, otherwise great) VG+/VG $38 The Police - Regatta de Blanc (unknown repress, OIS, ring wear edge rub, price stickers, but not cuts or splits. Disc pretty clean, very little noise, solid) VG+/VG $14 The Psychedelic Furs - Forever Now (normal minor wear and rub to jacket, light creasing, no cuts or splits, vinyl a tad cloudy but sounds great) VG+/VG $12 Ram Jam - Ram Jam (sleeve mostly intact, a couple creased corners. Vinyl clean, loud and clear just a couple crackles) VG+/VG $20 Randy Newman - 12 Songs (Jacksonville repress. Disc has some faint scuffs, some crackle in quiter parts. Jacket has some discolor and staining, normal wear, no splits or rips) VG/VG $10 The Rolling Stones - Between The Buttons (1st press Monarch stereo, disc has mild surface noise and cloudiness but plays through well without crackle or skips. Label has some prints. Jacket has ring wear, edge wear, frayed spine, price sticker residue, but in one piece, no splits or rips) VG/G+ $20 The Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed (unknown 1969 press. Jacket has all signs of age, discolor, edge wear, no OIS, split at bottom. Vinyl has marks, plays with light crackle throughout. Still very listenable, not very pretty) G+/G+ $11 Simon and Garfunkel - Bookends (OG press, used copy, disc has lines and marks, crackle varying throughout. Sleeve discolored, more obvious on back, normal wear, no poster) VG/G+ $6 Steely Dan - Gaucho (OG 1980 press. Pretty stunning disc, super clean, plays nearly dead quiet. OIS. Jacket lightly discolored, light ring wear, top right corner has small rip) VG+/VG $30 Supertramp - Breakfast In America (Indianapolis press, light noise and crackle, nothing crazy. OIS. Creasing and normal wear to cover, no splits rips or cuts, solid) VG/VG $8 Sweet - Desolation Blvd (OG 1975 Winchester press, jacket looks great, just very light edge wear and ring wear, disc pretty clean, no skips or issues, just very light crackle) VG/VG $14 Teenage Head - Frantic City (noticeable wear and creasing, no splits, rips, or stains. Disc has some scuff and marks, light crackle, nothing serious. Great play copy) VG/VG $14 Terence Trent D'Arby - Introducing The Hardline According To... (OIS, plays clean and clear. Corners sharp, spine excellent, everything looks great) VG+/VG+ $10 Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak (1976 og Pitman press. Light wrinkling, edge wear ring wear, dinged corners. Disc has some marks but playback is great, crackle in quietest spots) VG/VG $20 Van Halen - Van Halen (unknown 70's Jacksonville repress, OIS. Strong disc, little crackle, no skips, lines on side B DNAP. Cover has many light creases and normal wear, no rips tears or splits) VG/VG $20
  8. Some have the UPC printed on the record jacket, some don’t. Some have a UPC on the shrink wrap instead. Some have none at all. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Plenty of legit pressings have no UPC, especially smaller pressings that don’t see big store releases.
  9. I was grooving in the closet and I was making babies and the baby looked at me
  10. Yeah as was said Goldmine grading is ‘standard’ but people’s views vary wildly, especially now. For the most part though, condition will determine value, especially with coveted or sought after releases. Inspect carefully. Good rule of thumb is to play it conservative, as very little is actually mint, or near mint for that matter. Of course if this is just a list for yourself then do whatever you want. I’m not an expert at all, but although Discogs is an incredible resource, not every release is there, so a spreadsheet is not a bad idea. You may find the tedious data work less than fulfilling. For insurance purposes it’s indispensable. I found I could not keep up with what I was receiving, especially when Discogs does most of it for me. That’s just me though.
  11. It takes a special store to entice me nowadays. I do not need new overpriced represses of arctic monkeys. The used section has to be worth it’s salt, and around here it’s not. Try estate sales, if you know any craftsmen or contractors that frequent homes and residences they can find things. FB marketplace, Craigslist if it’s good where you’re at, even eBay. Buy someone’s collection and sift through it. unfortunately all these options DO cost money. But someone’s personal collection is a lot more interesting than the New rack at your local store. Otherwise it’s mostly online, especially for newer bands. I guess it depends how you feel. Maybe you’re ‘done’ with your collection.
  12. Find a rabbit hole. I had Vaporwave, I’m deep in vgm, old 60’s reggae is one. Cambodian psych rock has some compilations. It takes some digging. Light In The Attic is a great label for cultural traditional. I noticed I had no Smiths records. Surf rock? There’s a lot of different holes to fall down so I hope you find one, sometimes it can re-invigorate your purpose.
  13. Totally slipped my mind on this, checked the site for kicks and there was one splatter left! It said sold out so maybe this was a refunded copy or something, hoping it goes through.
  14. Rough it’s already gone. This was the only Circa record I was still hunting for.
  15. Succumbed to the FOMO. I don’t have any microphones albums right now but I always enjoy acquiring a total discography so I don’t have to hunt. 25 bucks an album isn’t terrible nowadays. EDIT: Wait. It’s 25 per disc. So it’s more like 35 per album. Dang. But, uh, book downloads etc pls let me justify this
  16. The deed is done. We’ll see what happens But thank you for your input, it’ll inform me if I have trouble with this first order. There is nothing I loathe more than being forced to track down orders and where they are
  17. Anyone have experience with Jpc.de? After searching for any shops online with any Glow On for sale, they were literally the only one with any in stock, but I’ve never ordered from them. Only saw one tiny Reddit mention about them being legit.
  18. Annoyed that I’m the two minutes I took to get away at work they were all gone. Seems like I’ll never get Watch Out and Crisis
  19. This has happened to me too. Smaller labels have left me on radio silence after many messages, but once I open the dispute they suddenly respond. They’ve also tried the ‘I can only help you after you’ve closed the dispute’ which is just ridiculous and incorrect. You can help me right now, actually. And when you make it right, I’ll end the dispute. Nah, they don’t like that. 🤷‍♂️
  20. Coming back in to say after waiting a while they simply refunded the whole order. I got 7 lightly battered Japanese House records for free, so I’d say that’s good customer service in the end. I’m really just honestly baffled how record labels still don’t seem to know how to ship LP’s. It’s kind of their business. How does any label haphazardly throw records in a box and be like ‘yep looks good’ and send it off overseas. A lot of frustration could be saved with some bubble wrap and a 10 minute YouTube video. oh well. Positive for Dirty Hit making it right.
  21. Currently having an expensive issue with Dirty Hit in the UK, can anyone anecdote or vouch for them? Ordered 7 records and they came in a box with nothing inside, they bounced around from the UK to the states and every single one is damaged. 2 are the incorrect variant. Got a canned response requesting pictures which I provided many but no response pertaining to any action.
  22. Must have restocked a couple because I was just able to order from OP link, no intl shipping needed.
  23. I am being evicted at the end of the month so I am trying to get rid of extra records to make a little safety net. Shipping is included in the price. PayPal G+S is best. Only shipping to US for now. 100% positive on Discogs for years and have traded here before. Castle Face Compilation - Velvet Underground & Nico (NM/NM) Unripe banana variant, played once $25 Derek & The Dominos - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (NM/NM) 2020 press on clear yellow vinyl, sealed and new $35 The Flaming Lips - With A Little Help From My Fwends (NM/NM) Orange Marble played once $22 Iceage - You're Nothing (NM/VG+) Black vinyl, one creases corner $14 Iceage - Plowing Through The Fields Of Love (NM/VG+) Black vinyl light wear $16 Lord Finesse - The Awakening (NM/NM) Clear w/ gold and black splatter, VMP release, unplayed $28 Mae - Multisensory Aesthetic Experience (NM/NM) Purple and clear vinyl, sealed and new $25 Marika Hackman - I’m Not Your Man (NM/NM) Black vinyl, played once $14 Michael Nau -Less Ready To Go (NM/NM) Jellybean vinyl edition limited to 20 - obi strip and insert, never played $100 Mura Masa - Mura Masa (NM/NM) Black vinyl, SIGNED LP Sealed $22 Nothing - Tired Of Tomorrow (NM/NM) Grey vinyl UK import limited to 300 with hype sticker $20 Photay - Waking Hours (NM/NM) Gold vinyl limited to 300, VMP press sealed and new $40 Queens Of The Stone Age - Lullabies To Paralyze (NM/NM) OG Press orange and purple marble vinyl with alt cover, still in shrink, unplayed, maybe a touch of light shelf wear $100 Redman - Muddy Waters (NM/NM) Smoky Green vinyl, VMP press, unplayed never opened $40 Richard Houghten - Music For Drifters (NM/VG+) Pink holographic vinyl, jacket has little noticeable nick in the corner of the front, otherwise excellent jacket $50 Yoni & Geti - Testarossa (NM/NM) Bone vinyl, played once $20 The Zombies - R.I.P. (NM/NM) Black vinyl RSD release played once $12 VAPORWAVE Desired - Lovestory (NM/NM) Picture disc Unplayed $70 Equip, Drew Wise - Synthetic Core 88 (NM/NM) Picture disc unplayed $80 Haircuts For Men - Marble Fantasy (NM/NM) second press clear w/ black and green splatter, never played $75 Night Tempo - Fantasy (NM/NM) First press black vinyl with original art, unplayed $63 Runescape 2 cassette (NM/NM) 2nd press glitter tape, unopened $45 Saint Pepsi - Empire Building (NM/NM) 2nd press white vinyl, unplayed $60 Saint Pepsi - Mannequin Challenge (NM/NM) First press clear with gold blob, sealed and new $60 Saint Pepsi - Studio 54 (NM/NM) First press red with orange splatter, sealed and new $50 Supersex420 and Tendencies - Split LP (NM/NM) Pink vinyl, unplayed $55 TEST PRESSING Surfing - Deep Fantasy (NM/VG+) black vinyl, make an offer VGM Diddy Kong Racing Donkey Kong Country 3 Double Dragon Illusion Of Gaia Mario Kart 64 Metroid Prime Pokémon Snap Super Mario 64 Super Mario Sunshine Super Smash Bros Tony Hawk Pro Skater

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