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  1. I'm selling my entire collection for a multitude of reasons. I have a lot of bills I would like to pay off. Also, I'm most likely be moving out of my house into an apartment, which means I won't have space for all my records. Most are played once or twice. A lot opened never played or never been opened at all. A few are signed. Take look through my collection and pm me questions or offers here NOT on discogs. Anything over $75 will be required to purchase insurance. https://www.discogs.com/user/sangriaraptor/collection I have two one-of-a-kind lathe cut from Joyful Noise for the Thomas Fekete benefit auction. All the money from these two will go to Thomas Fekete's family. Juliana Barwick - Promise http://www.ebay.com/itm/Julianna-Barwick-one-of-a-kind-lathe-cut-7-vinyl-record-/331706576758?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT Alex Somers - Well http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alex-Somers-one-kind-Lathe-Cut-Vinyl-/331704909379?hash=item4d3b273e43
  2. Just took an extended lunch break to pick this up from 1234 Go! Glad I didn't have to drive a few hours or pick one up from ebay.
  3. ordering just for the Jeremiah Green speaking Japanese
  4. I went to the first night. It was pure insanity. Can't wait to get this on vinyl and relive that show all over again.
  5. I would die if Radiohead did a full US tour next year with LUH as the opener.
  6. I've given this 10+ listens as well. Last night I drove to the Oakland hills and parked overlooking the Bay with this at full volume....absolutely moving. After every listen I have a new favorite. Currently cant get enough of Ful Stop and True Love waits.
  7. says so on the Universal Music preorder page at the bottom. just have to read the details.
  8. Melody Supreme also say on their website that it's limited to 9000.
  9. just pay the $6 for the crate membership. you get free shipping and the $4+ you'd pay in shipping to the person who order this for you nearly cancels out the cost of the crate membership.
  10. also available from Tobacco's bandcamp page http://tobaxxo.bandcamp.com/album/sweatbox-dynasty Here is the album art
  11. I didn't have any problems checking out with Rough Trade, but it looks like some other people might have.
  12. White also available from Rough Trade. Cheaper shipping options or US residents and they dont charge your card till the order ships. http://www.roughtrade.com/albums/103846