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  1. fanboy101

    Po : Real Friends - Composure

    red vinyl doesn't say its a hot topic exclusive but i don't know if any where is selling https://www.hottopic.com/product/real-friends---composure-vinyl-lp/11570275.html?cgid=band-merch-new-arrivals#
  2. fanboy101

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    only place i seen the red real friends new album https://www.hottopic.com/product/real-friends---composure-vinyl-lp/11570275.html?cgid=band-merch-new-arrivals#
  3. my store had like 2 more juila and one more hv(i think but not sure)
  4. picked up hey violet and Julia Micheals exclusives for 17.54 sat
  5. fanboy101

    Po : Real Friends - Composure

    i got just the red one only 300 made and for free from the fearless records street team they only had a few up as a reward ps idk any info on the red variant
  6. Has to be I am up to 10 now
  7. i got up to 8 rewards and im not even doing anything to get them idk why i keep getting them like every few days lol
  8. Some how I keep getting $5 rewards. I got one for hitting 100% but since I got that one I somehow got 4 more and idk why cuz haven't bought anything
  9. I only ordered twice but both came fine a few dinged up ones from store and some good ones so uo is all over the place with condition
  10. fanboy101

    PO: Mayday Parade - Sunnyland

    i just want the vinyl and hat wish that was a bundle
  11. they just added the 3 nsync albums on uo exclusive vinyl for preorder
  12. nice it went back up after i bought else where when it was oos for me last night
  13. Preordered riverdale was going to get charli xcx but she sold out so I got it somewhere else
  14. Order it from barn and noble market place cuz urban outfitters( was still available yesterday and this morning until I wanted to buy it) and Walmart are oos so is her store. This could be hard to get soon