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  1. Picked up the exclusive vinyl pressing of loser by Sasha Sloan was cheaper in store then online. 14.99 online 9.99 in store and I had $5 rewards got it for 5.34 PS idk why they did 2k copies for this vinyl
  2. Picked up Lovelytheband today for 7.98 online and picking up st my local urban cuz they had one copy still one of my fav albums of 2018 luckily I was able to buy online cuz barely had any sale vinyl online
  3. finally found a coming of jake miller and it was in the soho urban
  4. i want the full album on vinyl not a 10' with 3 songs
  5. Nope they haven’t been they told me it was a glitch when I ask on Twitter why I kept get them when i was getting them. I still have like 6 from earned and glitch 4 expire in next 7-11 days I used 6 rewards in past 4 weeks
  6. Bought 5 clearance sale vinyl from two stores Thursday in nyc got mod sun verite for 4.99 cuz was 14.99 but was still in my wishlist for 4.99 even if sold out online marian hill betty who kiiara(exclusive from 2016 I been wanting) paid 32.61 cuz I used 3 rewards
  7. red vinyl doesn't say its a hot topic exclusive but i don't know if any where is selling https://www.hottopic.com/product/real-friends---composure-vinyl-lp/11570275.html?cgid=band-merch-new-arrivals#
  8. only place i seen the red real friends new album https://www.hottopic.com/product/real-friends---composure-vinyl-lp/11570275.html?cgid=band-merch-new-arrivals#
  9. my store had like 2 more juila and one more hv(i think but not sure)
  10. picked up hey violet and Julia Micheals exclusives for 17.54 sat
  11. i got just the red one only 300 made and for free from the fearless records street team they only had a few up as a reward ps idk any info on the red variant
  12. i got up to 8 rewards and im not even doing anything to get them idk why i keep getting them like every few days lol