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  1. Looking for Olivia as well for my daughter. I’m doubting I’ll find one for a reasonable price.
  2. It’s the self titled album. But all their albums rule.
  3. It should pop up on Wax Bodega’s site. They also just dropped a preorder for As Tall As Lions’ self-titled.
  4. I think this is the audio from the live streams they did. I’m assuming Migrant revisited is a studio album, but I could be wrong given the only real info I’ve seen are some Insta stories.
  5. Didn’t see the posters, but I’m ok with it. Grabbed Electra and YPAA to complete the LP collection.
  6. I think it also has spoken word over it. Pricing is nuts for this, but nothing new at this point.
  7. Saw this pop up. Apparently the entire album has been reimagined with a new track list and additional songs. Migrant Returned https://a.co/d/aM4k13w
  8. For me it's both. It's hard to swallow a bare bones 2xLP for $85 when you're getting MCIS for $90. The $15 shipping that ends up being Media Mail is just an extra slap. I say this partly because I'm not too into that release and if they dropped an SD/MCIS/Adore era show I'd probably bite the bullet. But that doesn't make it any less true.
  9. Went to the Cincy show and it was one of the most unique experiences ever. I highly recommend catching one of these shows. I chatted with Matt a bit afterwards. He said most likely a July preorder for the reissues, all going through Polyvinyl. Some of the holdup has been cost because they’re releasing all 4 albums at the same time. I didn’t ask about a Jay print for them or any other details.
  10. No insert, just a white paper sleeve. The cover art is pixelated and seems like a CD upscale. Spine text is blurry. Even the barcode on the back is fuzzy. My split is wobbly but I haven’t dropped the needle yet, so I don’t know if it affects the sound. Probably won’t but you hate to see it.
  11. I got tickets. 40 person total for my local show. Really excited to experience it.
  12. I hope they go deep on the YPAA numbers. I feel like that one is gonna go fast.
  13. If anyone gets their hands on a rip of Zodion, I’d be down to listen. I don’t have a good spot for finding those things anymore.
  14. I was about to pull the trigger on it and it sold out. There are some clips on the SP subreddit if you want samples of the songs. It’s very 60s psychedelic, like flower power stuff. Live drums, Rhodes, mellotron. Sounds kinda like the Teargarden era stuff but better.
  15. I listened to it this weekend. Although it was a bit dirty, the vinyl sounds good. The packaging is nice but I am bummed the CD got a lyric book but the vinyl set didn’t. But the vinyl did get the Act I spoken story which I heard is super cool (haven’t listened yet). It seems this album is still divisive, but I love it. SP seem to be unable to get out from under their own expectations.
  16. The early bird looks amazing. One of the cooler variant I’ve gotten lately.
  17. Yes. When I was buying tickets, they were available like normal but listed as fan resale and were for 200+ for the back sections. I couldn’t find a seat priced for less than that. After I secured tickets I went back to check again and couldn’t find anything but lawn available. But if you look now, it just says sold out.
  18. Public sale had seat ticket prices through the roof... like minimum fan to fan resale was at least $250. Pit seats were $2000... Somehow I don't believe that's how much they were on Wednesday. Ended up grabbing a few lawn tickets.

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