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  1. Yes. When I was buying tickets, they were available like normal but listed as fan resale and were for 200+ for the back sections. I couldn’t find a seat priced for less than that. After I secured tickets I went back to check again and couldn’t find anything but lawn available. But if you look now, it just says sold out.
  2. Public sale had seat ticket prices through the roof... like minimum fan to fan resale was at least $250. Pit seats were $2000... Somehow I don't believe that's how much they were on Wednesday. Ended up grabbing a few lawn tickets.
  3. Instant preorder. Went for the red/black splatter even though I’m kind of over splatters.
  4. 12 disc sets, no music, just holograms and etchings. Kidding…ish. Stoked for Aenima and maybe a normal track list, non-pictured disc Lateralus.
  5. I asked Walter on Instagram if Manic would get the same treatment and both he and Iodine liked it. So that’s a good sign. Same here. It was my intro to the band.
  6. This is bullshit. Describing meticulously placed mics, tuned drums and guitars, amps, preamps, all insinuate actual music. The easy swap of the band name stylized in all lowercase letters with the actual word “nothing” is also deceptive. They knew what they were doing and it was sneaky as fuck. It has absolutely ruined me taking any chances on this band’s releases now. The moment I spun this and found out what it was I listed it on eBay and luckily recouped my money.
  7. I figured I’d set the tone with a helpful one. My dad is getting back into vinyl a bit and thought of how I’d want someone to respond to him.
  8. I bought some after the recommendation. Cool thing is he does singles so you can try them out. They just shipped, so I’ll have them in a few days.
  9. For a dry brush, I’ve been using the MoFi brush. It works well enough and has replaceable pads. I have a stylus brush but honestly couldn’t tell you what brand it is. Got it off Amazon.
  10. Let us know how it is! if anyone was on the fence, it’s too late. Just sold out.
  11. Same. $15 shipping for what will be Media Mail doesn’t make me want to bite either.
  12. It’s been pretty common lately, especially on the SP subreddit.
  13. There's a 10% discount code that may work. Try FAILURE I stumbled on this by adding 1000 copies of one album to the cart, let it drop to the actual amount, then dropped that to 1 and it somehow added the discount. Edit: looks like they're doing 10% (no code) on everything at the moment, including new presses.
  14. Kawasaki and Viper Room sound great. I haven’t heard the first Rubano yet, so I can’t say. I have heard it varies a bit because of the mixed recordings.
  15. Next release is Rubano Tapes vol. 2 out on Black Friday. Also, the black editions of Viper Room and Kawasaki are available here: https://madamezuzus.com/collections/zuzus-record-releases Does anyone have a digital link to the Rubano vol. 1 release?
  16. I’ve heard it’s a character piece, which is why it’s so wacky. But, this goes back to just how difficult it is to write a concept album, that tells a story, but is still good enough to stand on its own as pop music. If the songs aren’t strong enough, then the story better be captivating. And so far it’s not. It reminds me of stuff like The Dear Hunter where some of those Act songs, while they serve the story well, are immediate skips because they just aren’t good songs.
  17. Out 1/27. First two songs are streaming. For Hammock fans, this one seems like it’ll be in the same vein as Chasing Shadows, Echo, and Everything and Nothing rather than their more ambient stuff. Kinda pricey as usual. 5 variants available: black, clear w/ black, opaque hellfire, transparent purple w/ pink, transparent blue w/ black. Also there are signed test presses with a foiled jacket, but they’re doing 100, so not really test presses. https://shop.hammockmusic.com/album/love-in-the-void

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