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  1. Shipping 1/27, digital out 1/28 Single: https://cloakroom.bandcamp.com/track/a-force-at-play https://cloakroom.bandcamp.com/ Milky Clear w/ Rainbow Splatter /400? (sold out) Mustard Yellow /1992 https://store.relapse.com/b/cloakroom Mustard & Gold Merge w/ Splatter /195 Translucent Gold w/ Black & Silver Twister /297 Milky Clear w/ Rainbow Splatter /447 Mustard Yellow /1992
  2. Four was great. I mean, there were some filler songs, but I think it’s their second best album, behind Silent Alarm. Even Weekend in the City is too inconsistent for me.
  3. Looks like 7 of the orange are left. Edit: but they added 200 signed copies of both blue and orange... for the low low price of $100.
  4. First time on vinyl, released through Qrates. https://qrates.com/projects/23085-the-organ-hearts
  5. Spun Kid A tonight. My copy has some significant distortion on How to Disappear Completely. It’s crazy because it’s not IGD, but it’s very noticeable and lasts for a while. Otherwise it sounds pretty good. I’ll probably do A/B’s against the OG 10”s down the road.
  6. Got my copy from Luna (great packaging by them). I listened to Amnesiac and Kid Amnesaieiaia and overall thought the sound was good. A couple of pops that should clear up from a wet clean but nothing like some of the reviews I’m reading. Amnesiac is slightly off center but doesn’t affect the sound or playback. The third LP did have a little cut on the side from poor trimming and both seem to have varying trims - part is thick and flat, part is thin and sharp. Again, seems to be some shitty trimming when they come off the press. I haven’t listened to Kid A yet, which seems to have the most sound quality issues from what I’ve read. The packaging is nice, similar to the 3xLP OKNOTOK. Kinda bummed there’s no download card.
  7. I can only assume the CD/Blu-ray set is made and assembled in an entirely different factory. Trying to coordinate manufacturing, shipping, and packaging across factories and possibly parts of the world would jack the price up even more and be a giant pain in the ass. I am kind of surprised they aren’t offering the Blu-ray as a standalone.
  8. Oh I am. I’ve been all over Farewell since it dropped. But I already have Gigantic, and these colors don’t make me want to double dip. What would make me double dip is if they’d drop some extras from the session - if there are any.
  9. Same. It has mixed reviews on Discogs. Even if it doesn’t stack up, having another copy isn’t the worst thing in the world.
  10. If anyone is looking for the LP+7”, Amazon seems to still have them in stock.
  11. It’s like, I want to support this band but I want to tell them to fuck off with their pricing.
  12. Same here. My label was created on the 29th and it just started moving today. Hoping there isn’t 2 Kid A’s in mine.
  13. I own OG 10” presses of both and bought this one. Mostly for the 3rd LP of b-sides, but also to have both albums on single LPs.
  14. So totally not what I was expecting. I thought we'd be getting something a little more similar to Act I. Intro to the story/world but still an album. This is definitely a score with a couple of songs added. It's good though.
  15. Their lack of shipping options is getting old, yet here I am paying $15 to ship.
  16. Do you think that second Teal is opaque? Or is it just the same transparent one on a solid background? I'm not a member of Pillar anymore, so I can't look at the details of those bundles (maybe it says it on there...)
  17. Looks like there's a lot of versions of this coming out, at varying price points. https://bonobo.tmstor.es Deluxe Clear w/ Prints & Lenticular Cover: https://bonobo.tmstor.es/product/87289 Red Marble: https://bonobo.tmstor.es/product/87291 Black: https://bonobo.tmstor.es/product/87290 VMP: https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/bonobo-fragments?variant=39549712466010 Ninja Tune: https://ninjatune.net/release/bonobo/fragments New single is here:
  18. Sly said the entire order is a preorder and making Wax Mage mock-ups isn’t something they’re comfortable with 😂
  19. Wax Mage Records does short run, hand poured/pressed vinyl. At this point, they’re at the forefront of outrageous, artistic vinyl pressing. https://www.instagram.com/waxmagerecords/?hl=en because of the low number runs and the labor intensive designs, they’re more expensive, more desirable, and go extremely fast when they’re for sale. Sly has been doing Wax Mages with their recent releases and bots were buying them all and flipping them, so they moved to a raffle system to try and combat that.
  20. https://store.slyvinyl.com/collections/frontpage/products/svr01-blue-sky-black-death-noir?variant=41102505181335 https://fakefour.bandcamp.com/album/noir-10-year-anniversary-reissue These are up. Slyvinyl is doing a raffle for Wax Mage and test presses, but you have to order the green/yellow version to be entered. TP are $50, so $10 more. Wax Mages are $80, so an extra $40 if you win the raffle.

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