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  1. Honestly it's a big part of what makes it good, with only a few people coming in at once (realistically, when you let in 100 there are maybe 10 that are active) it's less intimidating for the new people and it's easier for the existing people to get to know them.
  2. Keep an eye out, they open it up around once a month. I think they may be planning on letting in a lot more next time.
  3. Nah, I like that they're so community driven, best Discord I'm a part of
  4. They're just trying to right the wrongs of the last attempt that turned out nothing like the attempted rainbow
  5. mwY confirmed with me that The Appendix is not included with the Collectors Edition, and that each Appendix variant is out of 250. The Collectors editions are immaculate, but the regular pressings are really good quality too (the recent ones, anyway). If you just want the album on vinyl, there's no need to get the Collectors.
  6. Anyone know if the Appendix is included in the Collectors? Or what the pressing numbers are on the Appendix variants?
  7. Nah I mean like, the same size/style box, the belly band, similar remastering, etc
  8. Yeah I'm sure they'll do Untitled for uniformity. I'd also be super down for a B-Sides box, I'd love to have them on 12" rather than scattered 7"s.
  9. So good, need to digest it more, but I think I also like it more than ULTRAPOP. Not sure if it will surpass UNTITLED or Only Love, but it's definitely top three.
  10. Which variant? I've been meaning to pick up a copy of Tunnel Blanket for a long time.
  11. I'm not a variant collector, so I can't comment on which copy is better than others. But I personally have a Copper variant that sounds decent: https://www.discogs.com/release/6073717-This-Will-Destroy-You-Another-Language What variant did/do you have?
  12. I've thought about making a thread like this for many years but never got around to it. I'm not even sure if anyone else cares, lol. If you've bought TWDY vinyl I'm sure you're aware that the quality is usually very lacking. But there is the odd pressing that sounds okay (or even good!). Do we still have TWDY variant collectors hanging out here? I'm curious if we can come to a consensus on what the best quality pressing of each album is. Is this a stupid thread?
  13. EL-P is not a feature I was expecting Also pleasantly surprised to find that all of these songs are new.
  14. Posting for that star, but holding off from ordering anything until there is an announcement
  15. This likely would work, however be prepared that Down Right will ban you from using their website again (which sounds like it may be a none issue anyway). EDIT: Actually they'll simply accept "The item hasn't shipped yet, I don't want to wait, and they are refusing to cancel to refund."
  16. probably just verifying/cancelling multiple orders, etc.
  17. We're pretty sure the majority (but definitely not all) of the info in this article is correct
  18. Anyone seen pressing numbers anywhere for the variants?
  19. Nah, I'm sure the price is not reflective of a normal situation. I'm sure they got the replacements at a very discounted price themselves due to the fuck up.

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