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  1. it's not up yet, soon. Though I pre-ordered my vinyl in 2013, haha
  2. They've said down the road it will be available for everyone else as well
  3. https://digtrenches.bandcamp.com/album/eclipse-single The band has said that if you haven't cancelled your indiegogo order it will be honored
  4. the flux in price with Canada Post is insane, in order to not risk being at a loss I'd have to drive my shipping price up so high that I'd lose any sales. I moved everything over to eBay since they actually calculate a real shipping price Not to mention that Canada Post updates their prices monthly, and often it's not a small change.
  5. When they forced the shipping policies there was no way to account for the fact that there are no flat rates with Canada Post (there were similar issues with other countries), after a long back and forth with Discogs support they straight up told me that they know the shipping policies don't integrate properly with Canada Post and that they had no intention of fixing it. I still use Discogs to catalogue my collection, but I stopped selling the day they enforced the shipping policies. I wasn't a huge seller, but usually had around 100 or so up for sale, and sold 1-2 a week. Why they don't integrate with PayPal's shipping tools is beyond me, they introduced the shipping policies to appease PayPal but won't actually make use of the tools a partnership with PayPal affords them.
  6. There is a good chance, they've said before that they're not interested in keeping anything they've put out 'rare'. But that a big thing for them right now is the vinyl cost/delays. So I would bet it will be repressed someday, but not any time soon.
  7. And very glad they're not done, the new songs and shows have been top notch
  8. yup, they waited to post until they had them in hand
  9. I've been waiting to see what he does/says next. The very little from him since seems to indicate that he may have shifted perspectives.
  10. our understanding is that the movie will be available on streaming for a while (they only book out a week at a time, but they will add more showings), I believe it's broken into showings to try and keep the website from being slowed down. I can't imagine we WON'T see a physical release at some point, it was revealed that it was mixed in 5.1 and apparently you can stream it at 5.1 but who actually has a set up for that?
  11. I thought it was fantastic! I loved how the songs were significantly different than the album versions. I felt like it had a good balance between the narrative and the performance. Looked gorgeous. If you've been following the lore it answered some questions and added some new ones. Literally my only gripe is that the end of On Jupiter wasn't longer.
  12. It happens more than you think. IIRC O'Brother left a box of 300 7in in a field while on tour, the total pressing was something like 500. I probably see 2-3 bands/labels a year mention that they've found a box of unopened records.
  13. You can listen to the whole things on Bandcamp now, it's killer: https://starflyer59.bandcamp.com/album/vanity
  14. sold out items that are invisible but not removed, most stores have a few.
  15. Anyone snag a fest edition that wants to trade for a The Chariot fest?

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