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  1. Sigh. Been living the poor life this year and trying to be responsible financially. Finally have some spare cash to spend on The Fragile and it's sold out. Seriously, fuck you Trent for making this $45 and limited.
  2. But nobody has received their copy or gotten a shipping notification, correct?
  3. Sigh. So sad I missed this. May end up passing Damn. as my AoTY.
  4. I was referring to the 45 dollar version. I make about 140 a day prior to taxes. And considering I live in LA and pay 950 in rent, 200 a month for health insurance as well 120 for car insurance... I'd categoriaze a 45 dollar album an extreme luxury.
  5. Yup. Fragile is top 5 from my high school years, I own 300+ albums and I still can't bring myself to preorder this thing.. cause its pricetag constitutes 1/3 of my daily paycheck.
  6. Any word on how limited these are? Food & Liquor has already gotten hard to find. Finances are tight this month and I'm wondering if it's safe to hold off for a bit....
  7. Wait, so they are suddenly only pressing 4,000? This makes me think that this is gonna see a wide release as a picture disc but that the pre-order will be autographed.... Why is always hip-hop releases that move the goal posts?
  8. This rise is price of vinyl is fucking absurd. A normal retail black should not be going for over 30 bucks. To Pimp a Butterlfy @ 25 was perfectly reasonable. Damn is easily my favorite album of the the year, but Im waiting for a price drop.
  9. Thanks for the response. I used to collect autographed underground hip-hop CD's last decade. I even have signed old school Macklemore LP/EP's laying around (don't judge) from when he opened for Zion I. These singles are banging and Summertime 06' borders on my hip-hop top 10... so guess I'm finally gonna own a picture disc. Hopefully it's not an intern's scribble like it was with Kendrick.
  10. Very disappointed that this is on picture disc. Has anyone had a picture disc that didn't sound like ass?
  11. Fair I suppose, but my point is more that they used the MoFi plates while adding slick packaging and one of the prettiest pressings I've come across. Once again, I have no problem with somebody saying a music curation service isn't for them. I just find it absurd that people claim that A) VMP's target audience is people who need someone to tell them what to listen to (their forums are far superior to this one as it pertains to music discussion for a reason, their target audience is music junkies) and B. When people try and argue that VMP has shitty taste in music. And I did, indeed, forget about Person Pitch because that album does nothing for me. Yet, I readily acknowledge it's importance in the historical trajectory of indie rock and that it was also an excellent pick on behalf of the staff.
  12. A. Their pressing's sound quality is almost always top notch as is the packaging. There are numerous instances of their version sounding better than the readily available one. See Weezer and the Fugees. B. Their taste in music is vaired and top rate. Have there been some questionable new release picks over the years? Sure. But in the past 1 1/2 years there have only been 3 or so AotM that I straight up don't like. C) Fiona and Gorillaz are not the only example of them pressing something out of print. See The Books and Menomena (two of my favorite indie albums of the 00's), Wells Fargo amd Beck (though that did see a black varient released at the same time). D. They do 5 or so exclusive pressings every month. Most of which quickly increase in value. You are given the choice to swap for some of these if you dont like the AotM. All this bitching is fucking ridiculous. I let my membership lapse here and there when finances are tight, but Vinyl Me Please is about as well run of a small business as I can think of. If it's not for you, thats fine. But if your collection isnt 500+ albums deep and you're complaining about their choice in music chances are your have narrow and/or shitty taste... And for the record, I swapped Morby for Beck, was ecstatic when Demon Days was announced and have no fucking trouble tracking down new music to listen to on my own.

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