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  1. T2000

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Took the 66 marbled gold limited edition of this Perturbator rookie album. can't make a wrong move on this one, can I ?
  2. T2000

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    out of stock stuff please, as I'm starting to buy what is available. I just got Macintosh + : Floral shoppe Turntboiフォレバー95 : FOREVER Ev.exi - Remember Would you have some good vibes available? thanks for your time :)
  3. T2000

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    tactical dot. anybody have a spares copies collection willing to sell of please? thx for your time guys :)
  4. T2000

    Brand new Deja Enendu RSD version

    Hi, interested. DMed please
  5. T2000

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Thé gunship is available on Amazon for 10£ less. Just no embossed cover, classic edition.
  6. T2000

    WTB: Brand New tour posters

    Monthly Bump
  7. T2000

    WTB: Brand New tour posters

  8. T2000

    FS: Brand New tour posters

    The guy does not answer to this post or his PM sadly, no feedback as I look to buy his posters too
  9. T2000

    WTB: Brand New tour posters

    nice I do not have this one, I've got the other orange green one. I PM you regarding price thank you for your time.
  10. T2000

    WTB: Brand New tour posters

    I upload my pics taken with a smartphone on imgur https://imgur.com/ no need to log in, just select "new post" then it gives me a link where they are hosted, quite easy. you can PM me if needed
  11. T2000

    WTB: Brand New tour posters

    Thank you for the information, I'm mostly looking for prints please, so when you say "poster" it is indeed a poster and not a print? If the electric factory one is the green "giving tree" made by lamour suprem, SuburbanAvenger is the chicago one? Which one do you have? 3 differents from 3 differents show? sorry for all these questions, thank you for your time
  12. T2000

    FS: Brand New tour posters

    dude check your Pms please I'm looking to buy !