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  1. https://blink182merch.com/products/one-more-time-electric-smoke-lp Spotify variant
  2. Grabbed the deluxe and figure I can offload my glow in the dark newbury copy to help cover some of the cost.
  3. Somewhat similar boat. They won't ship to the state of Georgia due to our weird alcohol shipping laws.
  4. Unless you had to have the colored ones, both are available for $30 or so each via Discogs, Dine Alone, and even a few sellers on Amazon.
  5. http://www.hellogoodbye.net/shoppe/?category=Music Band variant for Hellogoodbye
  6. Got Jeff's Cool variant in today and it sounds great. Fantastic album as always. I would put it up there with No Dream.
  7. It's never sold for more than $40 on Discogs and just sold for $15 and $30 this year.
  8. That sucks. I got my Rough Trade variant today and the band variant last week.
  9. https://lushofficial.bandcamp.com/album/lovelife-2023-remaster Lovelife is still available in clear from their bandcamp.
  10. I was going for the /250 but $63 shipped for a single LP. I love the Menzingers but I can't justify that. I will keep my eye out for the indie variant.
  11. https://store.squareofopposition.com/collections/sofo-releases/products/snowing-i-could-do-whatever-lp Can't choose the variant you get but newest repress also available here for almost $10 cheaper.
  12. Urban variant is up: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/hellogoodbye-zombies-aliens-vampires-dinosaurs-limited-lp?category=SAYTPRODUCT&color=000&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1
  13. Grabbed the BV variant and will keep on the look out for the Magnolia variant as well.
  14. Grabbed the Peak Variant from Bullmoose for $22.97 - https://www.bullmoose.com/p/36430174/the-mountain-goats-jenny-from-thebes-half-yellow-half-black-vinyl Standard black as well from Merge - https://mergerecords.com/product/jenny_from_thebes
  15. https://store.thefrontbottoms.com/en/the-front-bottoms/you-are-who-you-hang-out-with-baby-blue-vinyl-[spotify-fan-first]/075678617645.html Spotify Blue /750
  16. It really depends on the quality of the demo and difference from the originals. If they are incredibly rough sounding and just a worse sounding version of the original, then I will listen once for the novelty and then probably never again. But if there are material changes and they are a halfway decent quality, yeah I will listen to them multiple time and spin them all whenever I listen to the record on vinyl.
  17. As some one who grew up with this album and has listened to and loved it to death, I am beyond excited for the demos, live, and bsides of the era. I do understand from your point of view why they couldn't do both, do a repress of the album for those that want it and a deluxe for those fans that want it but at this point, every modern LTJ release is a cashgrab. This is the same band that sold NFTs via their fan club.
  18. Thanks, grabbed Castlevania IV, Rondo of Blood, and Symphony of the Night.
  19. Well that sucks. This is holding up an order from Monster Music, I wonder if they will cancel so the rest of the order can ship.
  20. Got mine last week with no shipping notification. They were addressed from "Tragic Hero Records".

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