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  1. Didn't really like the last full length but digging the singles off this one so far. I'll hold out for an indie exclusive or whatever I can pick up secondhand.
  2. I got #11/11 of Chelsea Grin's "Eternal Nightmare". It doesn't really fit with the rest of my order consisting of Hot Water Music and Bouncing Souls records.
  3. Spotify variant here: https://store.warnermusic.com/en/warner-music-store/so-much-for-stardust-milky-way-clear-vinyl/075678630736.html?ref=direct
  4. New Album out 3/31/23 Band Exclusive Green Rough Trade White Gold Indie Exclusive / Bullmoose (for those that want an option that doesn't charge until it ships) Silver Vinyl Me Please New Single: Sideways Skull
  5. Same. I always sleep on this album compared to Comfort Eagle but it is definitely great.
  6. Not sure if posted but the band has their variant up here: https://www.lessthanjakemerch.com/products/less-than-jake-in-with-the-out-crowd-vinyl
  7. Went to Walmart on my lunch break and saw that the deal was still going on. Walked out with 10 records. If anyone can find a copy of Third Eye Blind's self-titled, that's the only title I am missing from this sale.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/State-Plates-JUNKYARD-SWIRL-VINYL/dp/B0BLN93VV9/ref=mp_s_a_1_11?crid=DA1L3IU2H98P&keywords=fountains+of+wayne+vinyl&qid=1668533838&sprefix=fountains+of+%2Caps%2C145&sr=8-11 Also on Amazon for closer to Newbury prices.
  9. God damn, this is a great record. I was never really into this project despite their pedigree but damn, this one got me. It'll be on repeat for the next month for sure.
  10. $250 before fees for pit tickets. Arena shows just aren't for me.
  11. Very odd. I was able to select Media Mail right now for a record I am shipping out.
  12. It's still there. It's just not initially shown. You after select more options and then it will appear. It keeps trying to get me to ship UPS Ground or Parcel Select.
  13. https://realgonemusic.com/collections/sale/products/fountains-of-wayne-welcome-interstate-2lp-set

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