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  1. https://shop.brckhmptn.com/products/ginger-vinyl-fan-edition-digital-album Fan edition means your name gets put into the vinyl insert, which is kinda cool.
  2. I saw this group is opening for Brockhampton tomorrow, I went to check it out, I greatly dislike it.
  3. https://shop.thevincestaplesshow.com/products/so-what-7-vinyl-digital-single Limited to 1000, he also premiered The Vince Staples Show on YouTube, an album might be coming soon.
  4. Alright I'll spill the beans, Tool is teaming up with Record Store Day to do a Fear Inoculum 3" edition. The entire album on 85 3" records, a minute of the album on each 3". The b-sides are all etched to form a puzzle, when put together you get the classic wrench dick logo. It's going to retail 349.99 and comes with a custom 3" crosley record player that has a touch screen 5" 4k tv that has the entire 6th season of Seinfeld and can play Sega Saturn games. It even has a built in Beats By Dre pill. A must for collectors and quite possibly one of the biggest crossovers in vinyl history.
  5. Yeah I quickly regretted CTR. The game is ridiculously hard with no tutorial, I'm stuck on the sewer level in classics as it seems like if I'm not power sliding and taking the shortcuts with 10 fruit the whole race there's no way in winning. The items in this game aren't worth a damn as missiles don't work as red shells like they should, so if first gets a big lead you might as well just give up. I'm not even sure if I wanna try online. Just a heads up, the promotion is only for online or in-store pick-up which is stupid. I was at the store trying to get it and they told me they couldn't give me the discount, I had to order it from the store then wait for their people to grab it.
  6. Target is doing there BOGO 50% off sale right now, I think I'm gonna finally pick up Spyro and Crash Team Racing.
  7. Just got shipping confirmation on the VMP edition, now I just gotta get around to ordering the boxset.
  8. So I'm not sure if I'm the only one having this problem but everytime I click the circle or star next to a thread it jumps me somewhere back in the thread versus what it used to do, which was taking me to the last unread post of the thread. Hoping this gets fixed soon, thanks in advance. Edit: as the thread title says I'm having this problem on Android.
  9. I think Maynard's singing is my favorite thing about the track, but like most of you said, I'm excited to see what this track builds up to... but god damn it's really been 13 years.
  10. I understand the fear of your favorite artist releasing new music, but I think it's all situational. Tool seems to still be passionate about Tool and want to give us something amazing. I could understand, say System of a Down giving us a new album and being very skeptical since 3 of the 4 members don't care to do metal anymore, but I think this album is gonna at least be as good as 10,000 days which I think is their weakest release, still a solid 8/10 in my books.
  11. I kinda doubt the logo will even be on the official artwork given that none of there albums have their logo, if I remember correctly, Lateralus and 10,000 days had their logo on the generic plastic wrap the CDs we're in-cased, so once you took that off you had just the artwork, although the streaming artwork for Lateralus has the logo. I guess we'll see.
  12. I don't know why streaming Tool is so exciting to me when I have all their albums on my Google Play Music but I'm beyond hyped.
  13. https://shop.88rising.com/collections/rich-brian-the-sailor/products/the-sailor-vinyl-2xlp-pre-order-digital-album Red vinyl ships in October.
  14. "Sick Yellow Swirl Acid" /500 on Newberry, and it's not even crazily overpriced.
  15. Nice, now give me the whole EP, Panini is probably my favorite song right now.