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  1. Bummed to miss out on the black, but gives me a reason to hit a brick and mortar for that coke bottle clear
  2. I, too, have risen from the grave. Got all nostalgic about Secret Santa with you group of weirdos.
  3. Popping in to remind you all that you're glorious human beings and still utter darlings <3 Stop making me want to Face/Off you, Jon.
  4. Green Bay is the closest to me and they only have the one showing. Booooooo.
  5. Best of luck Ghost I'm sure you'll find a great new haunt wherever you go!
  6. Oh no worries haha, but thanks. Hope you're doing well! Haven't seen you around too much lately @tarzioo_ Thanks chica! I hope something does pan out - Midwest has worn out its welcome how are you liking your new job/Seattle? @BuzzersonKillwell I've heard that recently as well for Amazon - can go through the process a half-dozen times before things line up, weirdly. Thank you for the advice! I really liked the idea of that job specifically (Brand Specialist), so I'm definitely going to hone the skills I need for it. My background is in Civil Engineering, so I was the only one interviewing without a degree business/economics related
  7. @jonrawks @Thomas³ @Holo @NapalmBrain Y'all are the nicest <3 Hugs to all! @deafening <3 but really, yoga+hiking+post-rock bffs? fuck yes.
  8. Well, didn't get the job in Seattle or Vancouver, and probably turning down the Denver one due to the low-ball offer. Rough weekend Anyone need a live-in veg. cook/dog walker/sassy best friend? Hmu Hope you feel better asap! Get those vitamins and sleep in.
  9. As usual, pure unadulterated gold. Take heed, @Gumbo72203
  10. @Gumbo72203 , I think you honestly need to look at the relationship in its entirety, not just the day to day goings. She apologized; great. But what's the point if she has openly told you numerous times that she doesn't want a relationship or to be with you? From the sounds of it, I understand that you have interests you want your partner to share with you, but if she's not emotionally mature enough to handle the important aspects of a relationship, she shouldn't be involved in one. As an aside, maybe I'm cut from a different cloth, but if I have to fight for someone to want to be with me, I've already lost interest.
  11. @themeconspiracy I love them all. You're rad.
  12. Man, that's truly a bummer to hear. I haven't gotten around to watching them yet, and while your review doesn't necessarily turn me off from wanting to entirely, it doesn't make me as excited about the prospect. I've always thought of him as intelligent and witty enough to make social commentary without ignorance/hate/fear :/
  13. How much you willing to let it go for? May need to pull out my copy to see the condition first, and if it's worth getting a cleaner one. Speaking of solid finds, I found a Dino-Riders thermos this weekend as well as a brand new unopened copy of Beirut's No No No in an antique store. Best $7 ever spent.

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