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  1. I'm assuming NIN-adjacent updates are welcome in this thread, so here's this: I haven't seen a preorder link for the Invada variant yet, but Amazon.co.uk and RoughTradeUK both have listings (apparently on black vinyl) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dispatches-Elsewhere-Music-Jejune-Institute/dp/B08KV2ZKPJ/ https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/atticus-ross-claudia-sarne-and-leopold-ross/dispatches-from-elsewhere-music-from-the-jejune-institute https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/atticus-ross-claudia-sarne-and-leopold-ross/dispatches-from-elsewhere-music-from-the-elsewhere-society
  2. In the run-up to Prime Day, Amazon has a "spend $10 on stuff from small businesses and get a $10 credit on Prime Day" promotion going on. I needed some new record jackets, so I bought a 10-pack from Square Deal and (to my surprise) qualified for the $10 credit. Surely there are other record-related small businesses on Amazon that would qualify for the promotion, but spending $16.99 to get $10 back seemed like a good enough deal to share. (I assume it goes without saying, but you probably need to be a Prime member to benefit from this deal)
  3. I haven't opened my deluxe version, but it looks to be in fine condition... On a side note, when did the "NEVER-ENDING ASTRAL VAMPIRE PICTUREDISC" variant pop up? I saw (and ordered) the "INFINITE DARKNESS PICTUREDISC" (also delivered in fine condition), but I don't recall seeing the other one.
  4. Here we go again... https://blaqkaudio.warnermusic.com/beneath-the-black-palms-die-cut-vinyl-pre-order.html Black vinyl, special die-cut cover, /250
  5. Thanks for posting this! I was ~3 minutes away from giving a Zoom presentation when I saw this and was like "oh, shit!" and placed my order. My heart rate might have been slightly elevated during my presentation, but it was worth it
  6. yep, and they annoyingly made it /250 (unlike the other deluxe that was /250 and then was bumped to /500)
  7. Just an FYI: I bought an orange copy of Material with my preorder, and it shipped separately. Lo and behold, it arrived today, and it's a signed copy...?! That was a pleasant surprise. As for this album, I like it, but I'm not loving it yet.
  8. back in stock now. looks like they bumped it from /250 to /500, for better or worse
  9. Shortly after I posting that comment, I also received a "There's a new estimated delivery date..." email. Shouldn't have jinxed it... Anyhoo, I'm currently scheduled for next Wednesday
  10. On another NIN-related note, I got my Watchmen Vol 2 order from Amazon yesterday and my only complaint is that it wasn't shipped in a "proper" shipper like Amazon usually uses for vinyl records -- instead it was just in a box with some air bubbles. While the record was delivered without damage, it *does* have an ugly Amazon barcode sticker on the shrinkwrap. Since it seems that the initial Amazon orders tend to come without actual hype-stickers identifying the album as being by Trent+Atticus (just the bloody Watchmen "Vol 2" sticker), the Amazon sticker kinda hurts the aesthetic. Woe is me
  11. right, the original presses were clear and black for Sonno and white and black for Risveglio, which is what are listed on Boomkat for these releases. I'm all for them being back-in-print, but I'm surprised they didn't (a) just do black or (b) do new color variants to attract collectors. in any case, I should revisit these albums. I like Alessandro's more recent albums, but I never really got into either of these...