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  1. I'm storing mine with one of those cardboard mailing fillers behind the jacket to make the sleeve a bit tighter when it's on the shelf. Granted, it's only been on my shelf for a few days, but I think that extra bit of pressure will keep everything in place.
  2. https://billytalent.store-08.com/music/bt050014-billy-talent-afraid-of-heights-2x12-vinyl-bloody-mary/
  3. I assume they're saying that you don't know which is the "A" side and the "B" side of the 12" and 10" rings
  4. my "deluxe splatter" variant showed up at my door unannounced today. record is pretty thin and I haven't played it yet, but everything looks nice. no download code
  5. If this release is anything like the recent Blaqk Audio album, new, more interesting (and more limited) variants will keep popping up over the next couple of weeks just to piss everyone off 😕
  6. I'd be in favor of release-specific threads: "Soon from Mondo: Bobby Krlic - Midsommar repress". That said, if someone made a release-specific thread for something already discussed in the main Mondo thread (or another catch-all thread like the one for Fat Wreck or for OSTs), is a mod going to automatically merge the threads to avoid "clutter"?
  7. My gold copy shipped on Saturday, and I got a download code (or rather a code to get a free download) immediately after the shipping notification.
  8. bumping this thread simply to say that after five hours of listening to this album on repeat, this is my favorite Puscifer release. if the shipping price for the orange/aqua variant on merch collective drops to a reasonable level before it sells out, I'd happily drop another ~$46 on this.
  9. I think they had some on puscifer.com but not on their merch collective page for some reason. https://puscifer.com/product/existential-reckoning-vinyl-signed-by-mjk-mystery-color/

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