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  1. ^ No sweat! At the end of the day, I'm good with any color/variant of a new Cayetana LP.
  2. What a dummy. I saw TE retweeting their pre-order and made a connection in my brain that they were still releasing through them. I gotta manually order this one then. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. This is why I'm glad I'm a Tiny Engines yearly subscriber. It's nice to not have to scramble for my credit card as fast as I can every time a TE pre-order goes up.
  4. I tracked down all of his earlier LPs about two years, right as they disappeared. I ended up having to pay $35-45 for some of them but it was worth it. Everything Shake and before is A+.
  5. Let us know how this works for you. I didn't realize ultrasonic cleaners were available in the sub-$700 range and I'm curious if they are worth the investment. Thanks!
  6. My folks met at 16 and didn't get a much needed divorce until they were in their late 40s, so I'm a bit biased toward viewing high school sweetheart relationships through a negative lens. I think if you can both acknowledge the dumb stuff and forgive each other and yourselves, a deep past can be a really remarkable and positive part of your relationship.
  7. That is what's great about meeting people later in your 20s or in your 30s: you can present the current best version of yourself without the baggage of all the dumb things you did when you were a 21 year old idiot. In that specific way, I feel for some couples who meet at 19, go through a ton of malicious/embarrassing/traumatic stuff, stick together long-term, and then have that baggage and resentment for each other on their backs into their 30s and beyond.
  8. I found the Fucko LP at a local shop! Excited to spin it later this week.
  9. I used to see Mikey Day when he was doing the main stage shows at the Groundlings. He's a great fit for the show. He has an immature creativity that gives his writing/characters more of a bite and sharpness than past white dude SNL members who coast too close to competent but boring/vanilla. He has definitely hit the ground running so far.
  10. Maybe try the advice from the post above your post. Relationships that swing so far in each extreme are often treacherous waters, so having a friend you trust beside you to offer insight and support might help. In general though, a partner should make you feel affirmed and confident in yourself, not like a mushy puddle of sad water with no limbs or ability to make decisions. If you feel that way, either you're in an unhealthy partnership or you, yourself, aren't in a head/heart space to be one half of a partnership. See if involving a friend helps add perspective and strength to your follow up decisions.
  11. Did you listen to/like his first album? That's a bummer if you liked that one but this isn't doing it for you. Also a bummer since these were so limited and a bunch of Scotty Mack fans ended up without a copy. Hopefully, your copy ends up with a Scoot Mackin fan and for a fair price.
  12. You're describing some pretty relatable and normal feelings. If you have health insurance and aren't already in therapy, I would suggest looking into seeing a therapist. It helps to have a structured time and place to talk about stuff like this with someone who is trained to listen and support. Your depressed and bummed feelings are going to come out, whether you express them verbally or just carry it in your bones, and you'll want to let it out with your therapist rather than your next date. If you are already in therapy, maybe shift your discussions towards this stuff more and make it a point to talk out what you have been feeling/thinking; see if those thoughts/feelings still hold the same power over you after you've spoken them out loud with another person. If you find yourself especially down, it can help to view yourself as if you were another person and show some compassion towards yourself the way you'd show compassion toward a friend who was down. Let yourself be bummed, acknowledge that it's OK to be bummed, and do something nice for yourself while feeling bummed. Go for a walk, put on your favorite band shirt, window shop at a record store/comic book shop, make some tea. Sometimes remembering that you are just a normal person who deserves compassion and some support can spark that same feeling you get when you are motivated to help someone else and that can help you muster the energy to do a dumb small favor for yourself.
  13. Yep. We each send off a silent signal to those around us and the more active, self-content, and accomplished you are, the more inviting that signal is. If you are actively working on goals that matter to you (the goals can be ANYTHING!) and you are interacting with the outside world from a place of giving and collaborating rather than demanding/needing, you will send off a positive signal and attract people who are also kicking butt in their own lives. Easier said than done but, if you are in the dumps with dating or career or life in general, my best advice is to let go of the idea that everything is fine and its just women/men/the world who are keeping you down and go get help. Seeing a therapist was the best thing I've ever done. I shudder to think where I'd be today if I was still that self-aggrandized yet hyper-insecure 23 year old who thought I should be lauded with attention, respect, honors and love even though all I did all day was stew in my self-aggrandizing yet hyper-insecure thoughts.
  14. Yeah. My jaded/cynical assumption is that they are handing these artists a list of already pressed major label reissues that are collecting dust in a distribution warehouse and asking them to 'pick' their top 10 favorites. I would be pleasantly surprised if they invested in new pressings of out of print records that those curators actually love.
  15. Sorry if obvious but it looks like some of these songs are Monthly 7" tracks re-worked, similar to what he did for Blanco. I don't have the tracklists in front of me but some of the names are familiar.
  16. Another Netflix show that I think aimed to hit the network sitcom marks and succeeds (IMO) is One Day at a Time. It's cheesy and snappy and saccharine but, as you said, once you remember that those are parts of the format, it ends up becoming a solid version of those kinds of shows.
  17. Thanks all who offered suggestions. That was a huge help. I ended up in Austin for 3 days but most of that was work, so I only had brief pockets of time to do fun stuff. I visited 3 different record stores and I also got to hang out at Austin City Limits and eat free food, watch live music, and browse their photo gallery upstairs. The first place I went was Waterloo Records! I loved this shop. It was right in the heart of the action in town, big, well organized, and there were a lot of sale bins and used new arrivals. I picked up a shirt and two records here: Defiance, Ohio - Great Depression LP used for $8 Busman's Holiday - A Long Goodbye LP (VIP version) only $10 brand new I didn't notice the inflated prices like mentioned earlier but I was mostly looking in their used and sale sections. I did notice that there were a ton of teen kids there looking for records and it was pretty packed in general. I also went to End of an Ear. It's in a less busy part of town by the highway. I loved this shop too. Lots of records and many good prices. If I lived in Austin, this would be my go to place. Less busy than Waterloo. I got two shirts and two records: Damien Jurado - Maraqopa LP new, it was only $13 so I grabbed it Talking Heads - Little Creatures LP used for $8, not my favorite record by them but I dig it and have been meaning to pick up a cheap used copy I also went to Encore Records but, to be honest, I didn't like it very much. It was located in a sketchy abandoned part of town (this was around 8-9pm at night on a Saturday). I didn't find anything I would want to pick up. A lot of the used records were shredded dollar bin style LPs (mixed in there was better used stock). Some of the prices I saw were average to high. If I dropped the ball on Encore, let me know and I'd be glad to check it out again if I find myself back in Austin. Great trip overall. Food wise, we went to Lamberts one night for dinner. Their short rib was awesome. We went to Juan in a Million for breakfast and it was alright. I think I'm already spoiled with Mexican food as a half-Mexican person who lives in Los Angeles. The capitol building was fun to walk around. Cool city.
  18. I hear it gets better but I didn't think the first episode was very good at all. In general, I'm not a fan of when non-comedic actors think that you have to "act silly" when you are in a comedy. The scenarios and lines are already so silly and campy; just play it straight and the comedy will be there. I saw 'Split' the same day I watched the first episode and I thought the way James McAvoy performed the sillier moments was perfect. Commit and play it real and behave as that character would if they were a real person. End weird rant.
  19. I hope so. I'm just speculating based on what I've read about other releases that get buried by their label and how there hasn't already been a repress. It sounds like, sometimes, you inquire about a release and you have the motivation/cash to get the license but the label doesn't want to invest the time on their end. I hope that there is a reissue coming though. In Reverie is the last early Saves the Day record on my wantlist.
  20. I'm pretty confident that In Reverie has been OOP because of the unfortunate timing of its release. It's issuing label Dreamworks Records folded like a year after In Reverie came out and a vinyl repress is likely very low priority for whatever label absorbed Dreamworks back catalogue. It would be very cool if Vagrant somehow got the rights to a repress though!
  21. I recorded it onto my Tascam recorder and uploaded onto my iPhone and I've been listening to it a ton. Very country at times but I love it.