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  1. VinylMario

    Hallmark vinyl record birthday cards

    Yep sounds about right...
  2. VinylMario

    Hallmark vinyl record birthday cards

    Saw these the other day whilst looking for an "I'm sorry" card for my wife, lol.
  3. This is fucking lame! Wow! How fucking deceitful! I'm fucking cancelling order. I fuckin bought the whole lot! I wonder what Billy would think if he heard about this! I feel swindled. Yes bungee I bought it because it was limited. I also happen to like the few songs I've heard from that album. That's already 3/8 of the album that I've heard and I like. Do I collect Smashing Pumpkins memorabilia? Yes that's what collectors do with limited editions. Some people are actually fans of them...
  4. VinylMario

    Megadeth-RIP blue vinyl

    Not being sarcastic, lol. I've been reading a lot on the Hoffman boards that there is a RIP version that has vocals either rerecorded or remixed. And I'm wondering if this (2004) is the one.
  5. VinylMario

    Megadeth-RIP blue vinyl

    So is the 2004 remixed?
  6. VinylMario

    Megadeth-RIP blue vinyl

  7. Just got a shipping notification from Subpop!
  8. VinylMario

    Megadeth-RIP blue vinyl

    I've been waiting all week for this to go live. Are they preordering now? I I've got an OP and the Capitol Vaults release, BUT NEVER COLORED!
  9. I want "Here Comes the ABC's" on multi colored vinyl
  10. VinylMario

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    Yeah he's doing his own vocals these days
  11. Wow! That is exciting news! Can't wait to see what they dredge up!
  12. Will these be available online? Cuz every since I seen what the box sets are gonna look like I want one, but this special edition would be the one to grab if available...
  13. VinylMario

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    German thrash metal veterans NECRONOMICON will release their ninth studio album, "Unleashed Bastards", on September 28 via El Puerto Records. El Puerto Records €19.99 Amazon Germany €18.99 The official music video for the song "Total Rejection", taken from "Unleashed Bastards", can be seen below. I tripped out when I clicked on the play button cuz the beginning of the song mentions my name. And I thought, "THIS was made for me!" Lol!