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  1. DECREPIT BIRTH "Polarity" Limited to 100 handnumbered copies orange vinyl. Includes A2 poster and bonus track. Agonia Records Webshop Exclusive! Price: 20.00 EUR or 22.90 USD https://www.agoniarecords.com/index.php?pos=shop&lang=en&section=article&category=&action=article&id=ARlp175b
  2. Same here! I've only cataloged 500 of roughly 3000+ of my collection on discogs. My median value is estimated at $8,600. I suspect this is a great time to insure... I'd hate to lose everything and not have any way to replace. Fuck I'm scared now...
  3. Have you spun that Green Jelly yet? Still waiting for mine to come in...
  4. I want that New Jack but I took a beating this past week! Hopefully we get some cool discounts in the coming weeks...
  5. Hopefully the licensing issue is ironed out for And You'd Prefer An Astronaut as well...
  6. Purple deluxe is at the sunno Southern Lord website
  7. Something about this bugs me. How many of these orders have been placed?
  8. Found mine on discogs last night for 21.99. If you keep looking there are some retailers still posting daily at retail prices. BTW it's a 12" Edit: just missed one for $20
  9. I take it most people aren't in the know. Under description of the listing: "Due to the fluctuating market prices of RSD items there is no refunds after an item has been paid for." I suppose this is just in case the buyer finds out there may be more coming down the pike
  10. Did anyone see an actual copy of the yellow 7M3 American Standard on Saturday? I did see the standard black. Just wondering how widely it was dispersed. Saw it on discogs going for $150. No way in hell I'm gonna pay for that one...
  11. Yep, but that was one of my tops. I know it'll most likely come on black. But had to add to my HOF/Sleep collection!
  12. From what I've read elsewhere, the prices seemed to be more in European stores. Here in the states I purchased the Bat Salad for $19.98 at my local store.