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  1. I haven’t opened mine yet, I ordered the clear/green and my sticker says white/green.
  2. I thought the black were limited to 400. https://vagrant.com/collections/from-autumn-to-ashes/products/from-autumn-to-ashes-the-fiction-we-live-black-lp-limited-to-400
  3. Has anyone recieved any of these yet? I just ordered the album off amazon, I’m not sure what color variant it will be though.
  4. I think I’m giving up on preordering any more albums unless I absolutely LoVE the artist. It kind of sucks to wait on an album, after the preorder is done because I might miss out on great variants or getting the record all together😒
  5. Am I the only one that is fed up with so many preordered albums. I am new to the hobby and have a lot of orders that keep getting pushed back! I would rather them put them up for sale when they are in hand. Sorry if this is an old topic of frustration for vinyl community.
  6. I finally received my shipping notification from kingsroad, still nothing from violent gentlemen or etid store. I have been trying to refrain from listening until I have the vinyl. It hasn’t been easy😞
  7. I went to my basement and turned off all the power in the house for 4 minutes and 44 seconds and now mine went through. Everyone on here try it!🤗
  8. Any release date details? I don’t know why I can’t find them.
  9. Anyone know when these will be shipped out? Got all five!!!
  10. My apocalypse is in transit, should be here next Thursday!🥳
  11. I wanted this soooo bad, just can’t with that shipping price! FUCK..this sucks!