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  1. Brainfeeder always does this. Which is why you see these deluxe editions of Fly Lo albums clogging up the "used electronica" bins.
  2. I've occasionally seen Room 40 stuff in stores. However, it might be hard to find the clear variant?
  3. Important Records have been releasing Oliveros stuff for years now. Gotta get on their email list.
  4. Yeah, I'm somehow not picturing a proper lacquered box, if it actually turns out to be anything more than a discounted bundle with no bells and whistles.
  5. /100 box-set already sold-out! I'm gonna email them and see if they have more copies of the box-set for local stores. EDIT: Got a quick reply from the label owner Jon. Only individual copies for in-store purchase, only at Rotate, Sonic and Invisible Cities and few copies per store. Follow them on Insta for updates, since he's still waiting for them to come in. I guess I know where most of my January budget is going towards. Quiet Music on vinyl is a white whale.
  6. There's some good stuff on-sale too but a lot of them, including the Midori, say "without cover". I'm torn, to say the least.
  7. Wow! Neat to know that there was a market for cassettes in some countries until the late 2000s. If I was a cassette collector, I would go down that wormhole.
  8. I should have bought a Peace at Last when it was going for less than 40 bucks via re-sellers on Amazon Canada. But if they're shipping, that might mean the copy I requested at Sonic Boom might arrive soon. I sure hope there's another batch if it doesn't.
  9. Lol imagine thinking "going to the police" is that easy, or solves anything, or that victims are so clueless they haven't contemplated that. Quit trying to rationalize phenomena with next to no facts about it.
  10. I still like Weather and albums like that happen because those artists get to the Coachella level and feel obliged to be more of a pop band (see Caribou, M83, etc.) so that their live act can fit the major festival circuit as opposed to a DJ booth.
  11. I tried to buy on Bandcamp, but it got lost in the mail. So I need to buy from someone in Canada. Please let me know.
  12. Still sealed! $25 USD + shipping from Canada. Will post pics soon.
  13. GOAT ambient masterpiece. As good or better than Biosphere. "14:31" was my fall-asleep music during undergrad.