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  1. He said the FUF reissue is delayed till the Fall, so I wonder if this is something else. I'm in either way.
  2. Sweatbox dynasty minidisc https://radcult.bigcartel.com/product/tobacco-sweatbox-dynasty-minidisc Ultima II Massage minidisc https://radcult.bigcartel.com/product/tobacco-ultima-ii-massage-minidisc Edit: Also Hungry Eyes up for sale directly from him on Bandcamp. I believe they are donating a portion of funds today? https://tobaxxo.bandcamp.com/album/hungry-eyes
  3. If you don't mind dealing with someone in Canada, I'm curious to see what you have.
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157954607523864&id=140095573863 When it was first mentioned here he says in June, if all goes well. And that he will give a long heads up (before they actually go on sale I assume).
  5. Back in stock! Got one! Thank you vinyl collective. Edit: OOS again now
  6. Has anyone heard if Cenizas is getting a vinyl pressing? A.A.L. is good, but this really blew me away.
  7. Looks like Hungry Eyes is also going to be pressed on 7 inch and released through Ghostly https://www.amazon.ca/Hungry-Eyes-color-Vinyl-Tobacco/dp/B086PPCNKL/ref=sr_1_10?qid=1587486689&refinements=p_32%3ATOBACCO&s=music&sr=1-10
  8. Going to chance it and hold out till tomorrow because of this https://daily.bandcamp.com/features/bandcamp-covid-19-fundraiser
  9. I don't see them getting 350 pre-orders, which is a shame because it's a classic album.
  10. Here you go https://signup.ymlp.com/xgeewybygmgj FB and Instagram post said it'll most likely be in June, and he's stated he will give ample notice for when it will be up for sale.
  11. In brighter news, he said on Facebook that FUF vinyl repress is coming this year. Will only be sold through radcult.
  12. No way I won't sound entitled here, but he's been promising a vinyl repress of Maniac Meat for years now so this is super disappointing.
  13. Red version is back in stock on thrill jockey is anyone is still looking. As of writing, it hasn't been added to their bandcamp yet.
  14. Wow, almost 70 CAD with shipping. Vinyl prices are getting out of control with shipping costs. Will anywhere else carry this?