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  1. Came to post this. In for the baby blue since I worry about glow in the dark records sounding like crap. Also based on discogs we are now at...30 different variants of this? Must be some sort of record.
  2. This guy gets it. Still need to sit down and hear the new one in full but I'm debating about getting the deluxe edition.
  3. Anyone get the Bedlam in Goliath? Which variant and how's the pressing quality?
  4. Hoping someone who ships to Canada gets this. VMP comes out to almost 90 CAD after shipping/conversion. Do they do a Black Friday sale usually?
  5. What are the odds of these getting pressed/released through other retailers at this point? I know really desirable OOP stuff VMP has released (thinking Demon Days, Songs for the Deaf)has ended up getting wider releases after the fact. Don't really feel like signing on and shipping prices to Canada will probably be bonkers if I don't.
  6. My local shop has this for something reasonable (60ish cad). I really felt burned after the Ascension (probably the worst pressing of any record I own). Can anyone comment on how these turned out in the end?
  7. Looks like they've already sold out, but plan to have more copies made available at a later date. Really excited for this release. Can any one comment on how the last pressing sounded?
  8. People seem really split on the quality of this pressing on discogs. Anyone with a standard black copy have thoughts?
  9. I feel like everywhere I look for updates this was posted today. I had no idea it was this popular.
  10. The singles are really good and remind me of Illinois and Michigan a bit. Going to wait and see how the pressings turn out rather than pre-ordering though, because The Ascension is one of the worst pressings I own.
  11. Alternatively: someone is doing a lathe of baka mitai (the only reason to buy the 6LP version over the 2LP version). Open orders until....I think they close tonight. https://realiti.bigcartel.com/product/re420r
  12. I don't know it/l but will assume it beats the millionth stupid indie game OST or boring orchestral release from some triple AAA cutscene fest.
  13. I was ready to check out, winced and hesitated when I saw shipping was $1000 to Canada (figured it was a glitch) and it was gone by that point. He mentioned on Reddit that the hand poured records are done through wax mage and they limit orders to 25, no exceptions.

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