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  1. I was ready to check out, winced and hesitated when I saw shipping was $1000 to Canada (figured it was a glitch) and it was gone by that point. He mentioned on Reddit that the hand poured records are done through wax mage and they limit orders to 25, no exceptions.
  2. Reminder that they also have an open pre-order for this right now. Excellent soundtrack. If only we could get the game on modern consoles https://limitedrungames.com/products/dodonpachi-saidaioujou-the-definitive-soundtrack-vinyl
  3. Seems expensive everywhere. Will probably just order the standard version from a local shop. Incredible record though.
  4. It went up early so I think that they've pulled it down. Hopefully live again in 2 minutes.
  5. Went up early just like with the Daughters self-titled a few months back. If it sells out before noon folks are going to be pissed.
  6. Yikes. Mine will probably be toast by the time it gets over the boarder. Did you get a shipping notice or any tracking or did it just sort of show up?
  7. I didn't realise by the throat was getting a coloured reissue as well. I've got a black copy but its an excellent record, especially with Winter coming.
  8. Mine showed up shortly after I asked in this thread actually. As a heads up, my tracking didn't update any further after arriving in Canada. You should have it in 10-15 days from the 25th. Best of luck dude. The self-titled pressings are excellent even if the colours didn't turn out as pictured.
  9. To those who got a clear copy of the ascension: how does it sound? Lots of people on discogs saying it's a really poor pressing for one reason or another.
  10. Yeah, shipping to Canada/vinyl prices in general feel like they are getting out of control. Feels like this is pretty much the standard price for 1LP from a small label, 2 is getting closer to 80-90.
  11. Yeah I missed out too. Looking forward to overpaying on discogs for a copy later.
  12. https://tobaxxo.bandcamp.com/album/fucked-up-friends Reissue of FUF is lived. I missed out on the handpoured/25 edition (p mad I missed out), but of /1000 on pink has a few copies left.

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