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  1. OMG what an ordeal. But managed to sign up, register, load my cc info & drop a Mindspring Memories into my cart before the site started crashing & got a Sunday Television. Standard shipping rate for 1LP was 20USD, but 28USD for 2, so I saved money buying both. Stoked af.
  2. Also, according to Reddit, there's a banana/yellow-white vinyl of Bae 5 out there being sold on his tour. It's a gatefold lp with a pop-out of him in the middle.
  3. There's nothing I need, huzzah! Would grab U2 - 3 and the Sorry To Bother You OST on discount, if neither sell-out. Eh, maybe I'll give both the Lizzo and The Wrens a spin and decide if I need to change my mind.
  4. Might as well go for this. The couple of those B-Sides I vaguely remember hering (Monday Morning, Lights of London) are as good as anything on the album itself.
  5. Is everyone else digging the remix? I'm not calling it a remaster because they've really reworked the mix, too. I know Steve Hoffman forum doctrine says "Actually remaster; don't mess with the OG mix" but I love all the heavy tweaking they've done to Abbey Road 2019. I really don't care that it's far away from any of the official mixes.
  6. Because it's a perfect rock album. It predicts all the "heavy-pop" sounds that would rule the 70s: hard-rock, boogie-rock, early metal, stoner-rock, etc. Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's also have iconic album covers and as far as that goes, Dark Side of The Moon has to still be the most iconic as far as poster art goes.
  7. Uhhhh really hoping for another PO window. Was really hoping for an in-store purchase for this.
  8. Clear vs clear-with-smoke ain't a huge difference. But yeah, I wouldn't know what else to do with it given the movie's in black-and-white, and not even sepia-tone.
  9. "Underwhelming" isn't a negative assessment, aka complaint? Never claimed you should be pissed at the existence of variants; quite the opposite. I just find it weird it's considered so normal so soon in the OST vinyl field that we get to complain about them when they're released. Tbh I find the vast majority of OST variants way less inventive & uninteresting than in the non-OST world, Stranger Things aside (ignoring cost).
  10. Wow, we've really gotten to the point where SB & Invada are dominating the OST field, pumping out dozens of variants (per release in some cases) and bitching about the existence of three variants to begin with is a legit disposition. Even five years ago, getting an OST pressed on vinyl *at all* was a big deal. How far we've come and how little we remember.
  11. Remastered at Abbey Road = me gonna flip my Ba Da Bing, then.