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  1. What does this have anything to do you?? People are morons and if they’re going to get fooled, that’s on them. You putting yourself in a situation where you have care about that is another form of insanity,
  2. Got this in today. Everything looks great. But just another testament to how bad and out of touch labels/fulfillment companies are with shipping procedures. Shipped in a whiplash mailer, but with nothing to secure it, so it’s just flopping around in there. What the fuck are these people thinking when doing this?? Who works for these labels/fulfillment companies?? The most frustrating part of “the hobby”.
  3. Still want/need that stupid goddamn Artaris 10”! I don’t know why I’m still freaking out over it. Haha fucking high school.
  4. I’ve worked with this band 2-3 times in the last 6-7 years but never really listened to them. From what I know, it’s up my alley. I should fuck with the previous records.
  5. Sick, I’ll definitely be on the look out. Have all four and bummed I missed out on the other color pressings, but I’m in for anything this band does. Still need to pick up the Cleo Sol record, but that shit is not cheap!
  6. Sault exclusive?? Exclusives?? Where? Also, this one has been up on the website since January. I sent them an email in February asking when it was going to drop because I was tired of checking everyday for three weeks. Lately, they’ve been putting stuff up ahead of time and you can sign up to be notified when it actually goes on sale. With some exclusives, and what they had been doing before, they just drop and you have to be on the ball. But if you’re on their email list, and set notifications for TTL emails, shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s a big enough pressing it’ll last an hour
  7. Keep an eye out for 1234Go!, Rev and some of the bigger punk stores in the US
  8. When I picked it up from the shitty package it did have a “dusty” dead stock feel to it and the shrink wrap seemed old. I’ve seen pictures of sealed copies that also make it seem like they’ve sat around for some years.
  9. Pffff I know. Just today: this, Liz Phair autograph LP, Crumb LP, No Joy Cassette and Spelling LP.
  10. Really need to stop spending so much damn money haha 🤦‍♀️
  11. Exactly. The damage isn’t that bad, but for what this is, how much it cost, the way it was shipped, the bullshit response and no second response, I have no qualms filling a claim.
  12. After going on a bit of a tirade about how insane this was packaged and shipped, that’s all I essentially asked for. Seeing as this the only black copy I picked up, I’d still love a replacement jacket, but I don’t see that happening. Lemme know how it turns out for you, I think I’m done trying to run a dry well and just gonna hit up my card peeps.
  13. Did you get the same infuriating, bullshit cut and paste response as I did? Classic/classy.
  14. Hopefully that effect(what I assume is color in color) on the LD store turns out. It does, it’s gonna look sick. If not, got another Touché debacle on our hands. But I’m cool paying $20 less for the Matador variant. Really like she’s still going with a clear for this album too. Probably pick that up just to have them all on clear. https://www.discogs.com/Lucy-Dacus-Thumbs/release/17611450
  15. I’m still in. If they didn’t have their heads up their own asses and weren’t so fuckin out of touch, they’d get the crew back together and just fuckin “Tay Swift” it.
  16. It’s crazy to think about seeing the last Quicksand show with Capone, the same night as the whole gas station fiasco. But yeah, I’m always down for anything Walter does.
  17. Totally. Yeah it was sold out at every store I checked tonight. I’ll see how much it is and see what’s up. Thank you. Also, if this was delayed a week, I’m guessing my local store won’t have it until next week? Gonna go check tomorrow either way.
  18. I’ve been sleeping on this band for years. I definitely have been fucking up. If anyone finds a store with the indie exclusive, please help ya boy out and send over that link. TY!
  19. Off topic: HA! About to come out? I’ve been waiting for that thing to drop for 3 months. At this point, I doubt it actually will. ...Carry on...

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