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  1. Corporate? They have 2k followers. You going to fuck with Power Trip because they did one too?
  2. I played in a crusty/grindy hardcore band in the early 2000s, trust I know who Bathtub Shitter are.
  3. Mine should be here today. I'm pretty excited to give it a spin. More excited about the show in Anaheim with Deadbody in December.
  4. If you're trying hand over your trophy to me, I'd kindly have to decline. It is nice, you earned it, display it where people can see.
  5. I don't know... https://www.discogs.com/master/385299-Gorgonized-Dorks-Speculum-Split-EP
  6. Got me! It's as if talking about obscure split 7"s from 23 years ago, once, is the same as bitching about the same thing multiple times a day, day in day out, right? Glad someone told me to stop talking about DisreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanX / Agathocles split before I started to get really annoying.
  7. Guessing you're not too familiar with a lot of late 90s/early 2000s grindcore/power violence?
  8. No pun intended, but you're a broken fucking record and every thread I see you post the same shit. GET OVER IT!!! How old are you? You sound like a child. Real funny that you tell me to grow up when you keep lambasting about the same bullshit! But it or go on Discogs and get an original copy. It's actually funny that you care SO MUCH about spending an extra $5-$10 on shit you don't care about but other people actually enjoy. Again, shut the fuck up you fruggle piece of shit. I brought it up because you like shit music, and you complain about bands that suck. Warped Tour 2006 called they told me to tell you to get your head out of your ass. I may be one of the biggest assholes here, but no one has ever said what they wanted to about you. You fucking suck! Lastly, love the age basing. You have no idea who I am or how long I've been in this. But you can keep that up, if you want. Help to make you think you're "winning" this.
  9. Yup, 5 years. Got me. Dude with A Wilhelm Scream avatar that complains about shit that's actually cool to people who like certain bands making a half witted jab. You're as useless as 90% of what Enjoy The Ride puts out. Instead of sticking your foot in your mouth stick it up your ass, try and take some photos. It'll be more entertaining than the bullshit you spout on a daily basis.
  10. You suck and should shut up. If you weren’t into Blood Brothers in 2003, 20 years ain’t gonna make you like a band that everyone hated then. Especially since you like Fat rock and bullshit soft core.
  11. I’m sooooo far behind in picking up Dischord color represses. It’s been about 6 months. I have $200 worth of stuff I need.
  12. Used to fuck with this so much as a kid. Exclusive songs from some of my favorite bands? Oh yeah. But I can wait on this one. It’ll stick around.
  13. Super bummed I didn’t see the Heartworm variant in time. Went with the stupid looking EV /250
  14. It’s been established that I’m a complete freak/idiot/crazy person, but I really do like seeing multiple photos of how certain variants turn out, outside of what’s posted on Discogs. If I’m not working/have the time, I’ll spend a good couple hours a week looking at bullshit on IG. It really is hard to get motivated to post mine though.
  15. Not necessarily upset I spent $55 on this. I’m a bit perturbed that I spent $55 on this and homeboy still continues to pack records as if he’s a 13 year old incel that’s never bought a record, but just put out his SoundCloud rap/glitch/breakbeat digital hardcore record on vinyl, looked up how to ship from his internet bud on YouTube and bought a bunch of mailers from ULine.
  16. Ahhhh yeah, and I think I had credits. Such an idiot for not biting it on that. Especially seeing how much dumb bullshit I bought when I was drunk, around the same time.
  17. What was the price again? I remember, at one point, being able to pick it up for something like $150-$180, which is not bad.
  18. Funky butt lovin! Missed the /200 🤦‍♀️
  19. Really kickin myself for not grabbing that VMP box set
  20. 10,000 is a shit ton for a first pressing. Cant deceive between Rough Trade and BV.

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