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  1. Pretty sure it was only the rarest variant. I got mine. But they’re still waiting on the other.
  2. For real though, there’s a tour press of Retaliation?? I was on the fence about taking the night off work and driving 2 hours, each way alone, but this may have sealed the deal. Any pics?
  3. Didn’t even think about that. Eh, I have a copy of the original pressing, good enough.
  4. Wish I wasn’t a bonehead and gotten the 10th Anniversary Tour copy. The overall layout is much better than this recent repress.
  5. Glad I woke up early today, and even more glad that Relaspe’s site crashed and I was able to get /138 at 8:30 AM.
  6. That’s how you know you need to discover Discogs.
  7. Been waiting for these for a long while, and I doubt PV is going to have an exclusive copy of Easter. 250 each left on BV, could have the rest of the day to think about this.
  8. I kicked myself for not buying the 7”s when they were around for a while. So I may pick that up. I’m in the same boat as most of y’all. Own a copy of the screened cover blue. I may fuck with it, down the line, but we have vacation coming up that’s killing me monetarily.
  9. I mean, I’d assume so. When was this released, 2015? RFC couldn’t have bought 15,000 jackets and keep using the same for represses. Though I do know that’s how things do work with labels. Or the easier answer could be, that I own an 11th pressing(😄) and the jacket is totally fine. Haha
  10. Was able to grab Future and HBMS from 1234Go. Pretty stoked. Everything, else, I wanted I don’t need, or I’m pretty certain, I’ll be able to pick up in the next 7-14 days. First time in a long time the list of records I really wanted was less than a dozen.
  11. Fucking screwed me over on the Mogwai EP box and never let me know. I had to email them and find out on my own. Haven’t seen how much it’s going for now, but that one hurt. I do fuck with many of their exclusives, I like the fact that I won’t have to pay for these until Nov, and they’ve been good about the weird shipping fuck ups they’ve had. But yeah, they pretty bad. I need all three those and have to figure out what’s best for my poor bank account. These ain’t cheap.
  12. I blame Alex G and the internet. It’s all good though. Let’s the kids be into good shit. Also, I’m more than okay about gatekeeping anything and everything. How do you think I became the asshole I am today? Years and years of having to deal with crap and figure it out. The younger generation(s) need more of that to help them along this path. There’s too much “kid gloves” when it comes to how children are with music and culture these days. Not to mention how they speak and act about it as well.
  13. Bumping this thread almost made me jump out of bed. 🤦‍♀️
  14. The Tower Records, in San Diego, definitely had a midnight sale for Mellon Collie. Just remembered that one. That was a big deal.
  15. Finally got paid and threw down. In the back of my mind, I have a strong feeling, this is going to be such an insanely wide release it’s going to be going for half of what we all paid for it, in 6 month.
  16. Definitely remember this being a thing, especially at Tower Records, and especially for bigger releases. Your RHCP, Pearl Jams, Green Days, In Utero… I was too young to ever participate.
  17. Oh shit, really?? Haha I’m way too old for this, but I drink 40s of Mickeys regularly. Mickeys has become my beer of choice over the last few year. I’m fucked.
  18. Tickets To My Downfall is seriously just the crappiest Blink record they never recorded.
  19. I was thinking the same thing, but for the 40 koozie.
  20. I don’t even want to know where I’m at 🤦‍♀️ Probably somewhere in that area.
  21. Revert to my comment in the Duster thread.

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