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  1. Saw them a while ago and had the VIP package. Love the album but need money sadly. open to offers. The record is signed by all the members on the sealed shrinkwrap. Link to release: https://www.discogs.com/Dance-Gavin-Dance-Artificial-Selection/release/12153498
  2. Dojo Daniel

    Most Ridicuous Thing You Saw on RSD?

    Mine was 2 older ladies holding a spot in line outside for a younger guy (son/nephew?). Guy ended up coming 10 minutes before the shop opened and skipped about 30 or so people in line. I was at the front and was too far up to yell at him, people behind him didn't seem to notice or care. All 3 proceed to buy all the 'flippable' releases, looking at their phones most of the time, making sure they find the right records to flip. There were a few rarer releases that the shop only got 3-5 in, and of course all 3 would go and snag em up. Pieces of shit
  3. Dojo Daniel

    Record Store Day 2018

    Got everything I wanted, definitely saw some shitty people after me though. Some douchebag had his mom/aunt hold a spot for him and he came strolling in cutting 50 or so people in line 10 minutes before the store opened. Then as they go in after me they go for every resell-able item effectively screwing anyone over behind them. I was too far ahead to call them out and the record store staff was too busy to care (understandably I guess). They were in a group of 3 and scooped up the only RTJ boxes. Fuck people
  4. Dojo Daniel

    Record Store Day 2018

    Shouldn't be too bad. My shop got 8 or so in and no one seemed that interested in it
  5. Poor guy, the whole album leaked today when it was accidentally put on Apple Music in full. I got a good full listen before it was taken down and I really enjoyed it
  6. got a pink copy, beyond excited for this
  7. Dojo Daniel

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Got one too, looks like anyone who ordered from the site got one. And looks like it's sold out now, at least it was up for a solid week or so
  8. Solid single. Missed these guys
  9. Wow, good catch. Wonder if it’s a mistake it’s up yet because there has been zero promotion for it besides the single yesterday lol EDIT: as I say that he posted the links to his album on his instagram
  10. So Kyle posted his first single from his project/band 'Welcome Cafe' today, looks like Seahaven is done (for now at least). Song isn't bad, looking forward to more tunes
  11. Dojo Daniel

    Waxwork Records Thread

    I didn't get any, or even a receipt email lol. So hopefully you'll be getting yours really soon
  12. Dojo Daniel

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Got my IT vinyl in the mail yesterday, it's a beautiful piece
  13. Dojo Daniel

    PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    I find it more strange when people think its strange
  14. Dojo Daniel

    The Third Man Records Thread

    I have an '09 black repress that I might get rid of and get this, if I do I'll give you a fair price on it if you want. Sounds great and is still in mint shape