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  1. Last question asked. And yeah, if we're doing this (not completely sure about I Am Easy To Find yet): 1. Boxer 2. Alligator 3. Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers 4. High Violet 5. Trouble Will Find Me 6. Cherry Tree (if we're counting EPs) 7. Virginia (if we're counting EPs) 8. I Am Easy To Find 9. Sleep Well Beast 10. The National
  2. I just got back from HHV in Berlin and they only got one copy of Sigur Ros which sold out directly - meaning they won't stock it tomorrow. Got the IDLES one I wanted (they also only got 3 copies or so). Seems like this year there was a lot of stuff, which was only semi-limited but highly sought after and thus directly gone in the stores.
  3. Check it out! Great album, almost sold out everywhere already. Get in!
  4. A1. Down in the basement A2. Slow learner A3. Sports A4. Best in show A5. Just like you B1. Shrimp shack B2. Frogstrap B3. Worms B4. Amphetanarchy 180g white vinyl, 33rpm. Produced by Daniel Fagerström (Skull Defekts, Chronic Heist) and Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Fireside, The Hives) for YEAR0001 2018. Grimey, acid highway full throttle; Viagra Boys twisted dark punk album ‘Street Worms’ is an interesting ride as vocalist Sebastian Murphy lets you ride shotgun while this trip takes you blazing to the top of a mountain before speeding right back down to the basement again. The bass line ferociously drives the car and the drums make sure you stay on the road - this is one of those trips where you sporadically wake up and find yourself in strange situations, wondering how the f*ck you got there. From the Shrimp shack to the dog show, one minute you’re playing rugby ball the next moment you’re being eaten by worms, and between the fading lights and the strange look on your friend’s face Murphy grabs your ears and asks you what it really is you want from this life. This is an album about illusions of realness, the absurdum of existence and the joke on humanity. ‘Street Worms’ is Viagra Boys debut studio album, a debut that instantly let them occupy their absolute own space in music history. “It was all a dream, but it was so nice. I had a nice house and such a lovely wife. We had a little dog, such a little dog, it reminded me of a large dog. Just a miniature size. ”
  5. Ah okay thanks that makes sense even though they probably don't make any profits with said record then since shipping alone is more or less the price for the record.
  6. Okay, can someone explain to me what I am missing here? Vinyl Me, Please had a limited to 300 pressing of the new IDLES record. Since it's my favorite album of the year so far, I was bummed that it was only for members available since I cannot afford a subscription as of now. However, a couple of days later it was made available for the public (at least that is what I assumed) since I was able to checkout without having a subscription or account at the website. As I am from the US but currently studying in the UK, I was even more surprised that they did not even charge me for shipping (even though I clearly state shipping to the UK). My credit card just got charged for the actual record and not shipping. On the order confirmation it said that it will be included with my October/November delivery - however, as I said before, I am not part of the club and after a quick chat with the support of Vinyl Me, Please they said that I am still not signed up to any subscription - I thought they kinda "tricked" me into a subscription with this purchase. Can someone enlighten me what has just happened here? Will I really get this record for only the amount the record costs? Thanks.
  7. Got shipping notification from the European store. Looks like these are already in hand
  8. Got the deluxe version of this today in the mail. Probably not only one of the best but also most important albums of 2018. Check it out!
  9. Update: Looks like this isn't selling as great as (I) thought. They pulled the black from the website and are just selling the silver one right now.