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  1. Got shipping notification from the European store. Looks like these are already in hand
  2. kill_taker

    PO Now: Idles - Joy As An Act Of Resistance

    Got the deluxe version of this today in the mail. Probably not only one of the best but also most important albums of 2018. Check it out!
  3. Update: Looks like this isn't selling as great as (I) thought. They pulled the black from the website and are just selling the silver one right now.
  4. Silver and Black vinyl options are available. According to inventory, it looks like that silver is more limited. Edit: Just saw that silver is indeed more limited and actually the 20 years of Southern Lord pressing.
  5. Has anyone been to the current tour and remembers what they had at the merch table?
  6. One of (if not the) most important bands of the last 20 years - fugazi.
  7. Does anyone have more or less a summary of this vinyl variation mess this has been become again (similar to New Bermuda)?
  8. Live album coming later this year. Was hoping for a Rylan or Light Years release to be honest
  9. Shipping confirmation for Deathwish Europe in case anyone is still waiting
  10. kill_taker

    Flenser Releases

    Jumped on that /100 as well. The new song is great