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  1. Received the JPC signed art print and the Boygenius LRS edition: https://ibb.co/p2CyPrw
  2. Yep, although limited to 1/person and behind a paywall
  3. https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/idles-ultra-mono /750
  4. Would anyone be so kind to buy me a VMP exclusive variant? Will transfer money directly with an extra of course. Cannot afford a membership right now
  5. You mean new colors I assume? Both LPs + the live album are still in stock on black vinyl
  6. New song has been released today and according to an interview on their YouTube channel album release will be „very soon“.
  7. Tour exclusive is up in their store now too, no idea how limited but grabbed one to support them.
  8. Did not think that they could top the s/t but I think the new record is actually better. Nonetheless, stoked for the repress!
  9. Hate bumping old threads but there's a new (?) repress of this on a nice looking split variant: https://deathwishinc.com/collections/touche-amore/products/touche-amore-is-survived-by For the hobby I guess
  10. B&D 2 is even better than the first one, band cannot do much wrong
  11. "Smaller" labels like Deathwish or so love it when you do this
  12. Got that red vinyl version, beautiful looking and sounding record - easily top 5 AOTY.
  13. Thanks, got both. As much as I love Frank - can't justify $80 for a shirt though.
  14. Ordered all three from their store. Have been to that show and it was great!