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  1. How limited do you guys think this really is? Debating when to buy it
  2. Jesus, I thought this was getting a press after this bump. Stop playing with my feelings
  3. Thanks. Mine says it shipped for a couple of weeks already on the ordering website but I guess that's an error then..
  4. They are German based. I’ve ordered from them too in the past and tracking started somewhere else in the US. Maybe for whatever reason they only allow tracking once the shipment reaches the US?
  5. Ok ok: PTSBBAM > TTBOADH = Lament > Stage Four > Is Survived By
  6. same, not all too stoked about that cover but looking forward to the music. Got some strong Brand New - Daisy vibes from the new song
  7. Anyone who ordered from the UK store got a shipping notification?
  8. Probably a long shot but if you want to sell that Crime In Stereo Test let me know.. haha
  9. Someone selling a brown copy of Hell Songs on Discogs for a somewhat reasonable price in case anyone is interested: https://www.discogs.com/Daughters-Hell-Songs/release/15901160
  10. Cheers, got one. They did increase prices from $28 to $30 for what it's worth haha.