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  1. for whatever reason the KRM Epitaph EURO presses are always better then the US one in terms of looks . This is another amazing example of that.
  2. This album is freaking fantastic . Especially from track 5 on the album is another ALK3 classic.
  3. exileinoblivion

    PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose

    I know that view finder bundle is so so so so so freaking stupid yet I ordered it . I might throw the veiwfinder in the trash the 2nd I have it as obviously I didnt order for that. I actually have 2 viewfinders from my youth ( I'm 38 ) which are cool but that is lame.
  4. I'd be shocked if KRM didn't honor their mistake at the beginning in the price. Of all the online stores I have ever messed with KRM has about the best customer service.
  5. Ordered the Deathwish variant and the KRM Clear with Smoke . Will order the KRM EURO variant if it is still there tomorrow when I get paid.
  6. Honestly have never given this band a listen although I have been aware of them for years but I might have to give this album a try as I like Hereafter .
  7. exileinoblivion

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Got the bundle and the single color lp as I am sure they are different and I love me some direct hit! . I got into them late ( on the last album) but freaking love them. Honestly one of the 2-3 best current Fat bands along with Strung out and bad cop/ bad cop . That new song is killer.
  8. exileinoblivion

    PO: The Dear Hunter - Acts IV + V

    Knew this would be gone next time I checked into the thread. That's why I try to check this board 4 times a day.
  9. Dude 100 dollars? No . Hellllllllll no. a 4 LP box set should be around 50 ish .
  10. exileinoblivion

    PO: The Dear Hunter - Acts IV + V

    Rad I would of totally missed this if I hadn't of seen it here. Ordered both obviously.
  11. Yep that is a beast of a record to try to get your hands on. I am at peace that it willl never happen unless I win the lottery of something . Nofx collectors can be crazy as hell when it comes to buying certain peices in the collection .
  12. I actually think 430 is the most I have ever spent and it was a boxset ( the Bad religion ) so I was just rounding up . Think the most I have ever spent on a single record was 350 on No use for a name hard rock bottom on grey .But yes 500 is a ton of dough. I know I have a sickness lol .
  13. exileinoblivion

    Urban Outfitters Exclusive Vinyl & Sale Discussion

    That is why I only use paypal when paying places like UO as anyother way you forget and then next thing you know your bank account is less then you thought. With paypal it comes out right away. One of the reasons Bullmoose is not very good IMO .