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  1. Thank you this was the variant I hadn't been able to track down.
  2. thought this might happen very glad I ordered the 3 EU variants.
  3. Holy crap listening to that Of Machines for the first time in years . Forgot how amazing this shit is .
  4. I am all over the of machines and might as well get the Devil wears prada .
  5. As jefftro said they released their last album on Red Scare and Gunner records .
  6. has Newbury done that? Don't pay much attention to them usually.
  7. It actually doesn't at all which is sorta why I don't like it . At least in my view . The first DGD single I haven't liked in 7-8 years.
  8. Man I saw this and was so pumped but then realized it was an overseas store and knew it would be way too much. Endhits puts out some great records but with shipping and whatnot it is almost always too much for me . There are times when I work 30-40 hours of overtime a week ( about 40% of the year) and this would be something I only order then sadly.
  9. damn hope bullmoose gets this as I won't order from SRC.
  10. Hasn't been on the shows I have known people have been to . I am seeing them in 10 days or so .
  11. The Black friday releases are always pretty weak and this is no exception . I think there are 2-3 things at most I am interested in . It seems like all the good stuff is saved for RSD in april .
  12. I don't know maybe don't buy 5 of the same album . They frown on that kinda thing . 2 is one thing but more then that and you are getting in flipper territory and a small label like Fat won't like that ( nor should anyone ) .