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  1. exileinoblivion

    PO soon: Face To Face - Live 2xLP

    grabbed a red and swamp green variants and the trevor album. Will get the bone as well if it is still around this weekend when I have more money as I am a huge F2F fan. My favorite live album of all time honestly.
  2. I truly regret not keeping track of my collection when it was still managable 10-15 years ago ( under a 500 lps and 200 7's ) but now it is way bigger then that and I have no idea sometimes what I have and don't .
  3. I am still trying to hunt down an online store that is selling the 2xlp clear canadian variant .
  4. this is the key to what makes it so funny - According to Rob, their material has a universal appeal: “One of the things about this stuff is that, since most of it is taken right from his mouth or ideology, a Trumpster should be fine with it as much as a Bernie person would enjoy laughing at it. It's just a mirror and that, in itself, is terrifying.”
  5. exileinoblivion

    PO soon: Face To Face - Live 2xLP

    My favorite live album of all time . Will get all 3 variants for sure. Edit - my favorite punk live album I should say.
  6. Yep ordered this with a quickness!
  7. exileinoblivion

    PO NOW: AFI - The Missing Man (EP)

    Really digging this song . I like newer AFI but I would be lying if I said Art of Drowning / Black Sails wasn't them at their peak IMO.
  8. I wonder is this sold out or just was taken down as it was up too early. I just sorta doubt 444 sold out in a day. Maybe I am wrong though.
  9. exileinoblivion

    Lillingtons "Death By Television" vinyl...

    Red Scare is on fire lately . I have ordered 7 lps and 2 7's in the last 2 months from them. That Tightwire album is going to great as well.
  10. exileinoblivion

    GZA - Liquid Swords Marvel Edition

    that statement doesn't really clear anything up . I can't order this for a day or 2 anyway but I probably will drop the 70 on the euro just to be sure though.Paying 10 more for a sure thing is worth it IMO .
  11. exileinoblivion

    GZA - Liquid Swords Marvel Edition

    Yep I own every Hip Hop variant ( even the Deadpool #2 lol) Hell even the few rock n roll variants they made I own. They were just too cool.
  12. exileinoblivion

    GZA - Liquid Swords Marvel Edition

    Dude I am so glad you posted this as I am so all over this . One of the best hip hop albums of all time and mixed with CoC makes it even better. I need to search to find a US link though as the shipping would make it around 70 to the states.
  13. exileinoblivion

    Waxwork Records Thread

    They are up . Ordered a Donatello .