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  1. Hey everyone has their own taste. In terms of music there really is only a small window of right / wrong as about 95% of music is just taste . Now crap like Nickelback or ICP or something goes beyond taste and into just being a bad person . J/K sorta . When I am reaching for a F2F album I grab the live album , Over it , and protection in that order . The live album has all the best songs from the 3 first albums so go with it instead and it has my favorite song by them don't turn away ( as does over it )
  2. This is album is one of the more interesting releases in this genre due to how people flat out hated it when it came out and then like 10-15 years later everyone said it was maybe their best ( it is top 3 IMO ) and worship it now .
  3. Yep I stay away from that label with the exception of Mae for those reasons.
  4. Good I will use this preorder to grab destination as I sold my last variant of that about a year ago but would love to always one at least 1 copy of this .
  5. Already grabbed ill communication but thanks to Bullmoose just grabbed the other 3.
  6. I would love Armor for Sleep's first album pressed dream to make believe.
  7. Yep I will order wires and then when the other Album finally comes in stock I will order that also.
  8. So there are 2 Skylit drive albums I would like to buy from this site . Are you telling me I should not mess with it ?
  9. Man I hope there are some copies still available on friday when I get paid as I down to grab both of these then if they are.