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  1. Interpunk should be forced to go out of business . How can you be that bad at running your business. I mean SRC isn't all that great but Interpunk makes them look like professionals LOL
  2. I will say at least SRC isn't quite as bad as Interpunk . I mean they are bad and will steal money from you and won't give it back unless you ask ( they did that with me for some Blink cassettes 3 years or so ago ) but Interpunk takes ineptness to a whole other level. Bullmoose is by far the best place to order this stuff from as like the person said they don't mess around with taking your money until they are actually shipping.
  3. Got the green from bullmoose and just grabbed the pink from SRC.
  4. Interpunk is flat out horrible. I once in a blue moon will mess with them when they have an exclusive but I know I am rolling the dice. Worst customer service ever!.
  5. The new song is the best song they have written in 10 year IMO at least . Honestly Bad religion pre 1994 is great and Bad religion post 2000 is great. Only when they were on the majors did they kind tame out and make very bland records. The box set is one my prized possessions .
  6. Man I really like the hoodie and both shirts so ordering the mega bundle isn't something I would be against .... if you know I had 200 to throw away . As it is I will order the single LP and be happy with that.
  7. if you scroll down you can see some of the bands they will do like sugarcult , august burns red , somerset ect. Of coarse bands like Near miss and Bigwig wont get done .
  8. Yeah so that video is going to haunt me for a while. The song is really good but man that video is messed up.
  9. yep grabbed the bundle as this band sounds like the kinda HC I can get into. Loved the shirt as well.
  10. It is so odd how RFC used to be such a good label ( obviously this is just my opinion and tastes ) and there is but maybe 1 release out of their last 15 I could get into . Loved when Man overboard , transit and such type bands were coming out with records on this label. This I couldn't listen to if you paid me to but I can respect someone for making music like this as you couldn't give 2 shits what other people think if you are.
  11. Man this album ( thru the 3 songs I have heard ) has an complete Pennybridge Pioneers vibe to it and that is not a bad thing in the least. Loving it.
  12. Didnt see this til just now but ordered both variants left . Would of loved the orange but oh well. That new song is great!
  13. Yep by the time anyone got the email it was sold out lol