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  1. Must not have lasted for very long. that is an amazing price!
  2. Thanks for the info about the Unknown Pleasures reissue!
  3. FYI - Additional 60 cents off discount shows up at checkout for Evil Empire now. My order wasn't scheduled to ship until mid April so I cancelled and re-ordered for a slightly cheaper total price.
  4. That is probably the cheapest i've ever seen that. Thanks.
  5. Deftones - Around the Fur : $14.29 Not incredibly cheap but probably the cheapest I've seen it for a while
  6. Thanks for that find. Sometimes the % off is just as important as the Price itself.
  7. I don't see it in stock for the original price in most places - especially brand new (ebay, etc). Figured a NiN fan might appreciate this if Amazon ever ends up getting these back in stock / shipping them out.
  8. Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV (4 LP Set) : $39.98 (Temporarily Out of Stock)
  9. This is back to $13.87 right now FYI. It was up to $17 over the last couple of days but dropped again. Got it in the mail the other day. Great Package & comes with a DVD