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  1. I bought the Abraxas One-Step at my local for $100, but sold it with the Bill Evans Village Vanguard about a year ago to help pay for a home theatre. Definitely sounded amazing, but I just re-bought this copy and I can't complain for $30. Not worth the $1000 at all -- and I love that album.
  2. I prefer digital protective covers. Preferably 128kb/s. WMA of course.
  3. Didn't even see the bundle and ordered separately 😭. I'm going justify my mistake decision by saying it will prevent the koozie from warping the records.... yeah thats it!
  4. might as well. the hobby. before after jazz corner
  5. Shows cancelled, 12" stock online! http://www.badtimingrecords.com/products/660418-kenny-obrien-the-odouls-12-ep
  6. So... this doesn't even include the original album like Icky Thump X did? Obviously already own it, but if so, still feels like cutting corners....🙄
  7. Not sure if it's been posted yet, but Amoeba has the 3LP for $45.98 free ship, with the MAR15 code, it comes to $39.08 shipped. Cheapest I've seen it.
  8. /1500 There’s a 600+ page thread on Steve Hoffman forums about MM. SRX discussion shows up around page 580 or so. Lots of info there. I have all the MM releases so I just picked up Blues Walk and Johnny Griffin Vol.1. They sound amazing.
  9. If you look at the back cover, they had to replace the catalog number of the original, which might be the easier reason for making it black. As for the photos...copyright? Idk. also, all the center label pictures are the same with the MOV press — they’re all different on the original. Oh well...