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  1. No hesitation here. Take my PayPal 🥳 Play your part.
  2. Yeah, you have to be a Patreon member. There's another vinyl release coming in October and another in November, so for $5/mo, I'll keep it until then at least.
  3. Sometimes, but sometimes they just do a one-off pressing and that’s it, which wouldn’t surprise me - depends on the license quantity.
  4. They don’t. I’m just going off the Passenger press that they issued in 2018. I would bet they’re doing the same thing with a 1500 run. HHV also doesn’t state 180g clear
  5. They’ll be numbered — not hand numbered though. Stamped like the Passenger MOV reissue.
  6. 10 year EIT is still 1LP. The other LP is b-sides and live stuff. Only the first press was the full album spread over 4 sides (and its pressed at RTI). I would bet the 10th is GZ or Pirates Press. MOV tends to be better than that— most likely 180g like Passenger was as well. MOV also changed the Passenger artwork, so I’m curious to see what they do with this...
  7. 🥳 Have the first press and the 10th marbled. Need to add this to the collection.
  8. Still have them at member price, $34. It's a tip on jacket, nothing fancy - sounds great though! https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/fiona-apple-when-the-pawn?variant=31239530315866
  9. fyi, copies of Idler Wheel are up on VMP as an available swap for members. You can add a classic/hip-hop track and swap for it as well.
  10. fyi, copies of Idler Wheel are up on VMP as an available swap for members. You can add a track and swap the track as well.