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  1. Imagine spending so much time on a message board you have 10,000 posts.
  2. I didn't say anything about the 180g affecting sound. And they don't come warped if they're pressed somewhere creditable with higher QC standards like RTI or Pallas and not GZ or Pirates Press. If MOFI and Analogue Productions can yield 180g 2LP/$50 and 1LP/$35 albums with gloss gatefold tip-on jackets AND cut by KW/KG, then $40 at VMP should be getting us a lot more than what they expect people to settle for.
  3. Their subs aren't even 180g half the time. This is laughable. lol
  4. Yes! Great album and for $7, everyone shouldn't even be thinking about the Green Day album. I bought the deluxe edition for $47 (currently $55) a few weeks back and the thing is massive. I think it retails for $170 (Acoustic Sounds, Elusive Disc, etc)! Only complaint is that the pressure of the box caused the record to warp slightly. Talk Is Cheap Deluxe Edition [Box Set] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MJLVPRN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_w-e3Eb2T8NNQ9
  5. I bought the Abraxas One-Step at my local for $100, but sold it with the Bill Evans Village Vanguard about a year ago to help pay for a home theatre. Definitely sounded amazing, but I just re-bought this copy and I can't complain for $30. Not worth the $1000 at all -- and I love that album.
  6. I prefer digital protective covers. Preferably 128kb/s. WMA of course.
  7. Didn't even see the bundle and ordered separately 😭. I'm going justify my mistake decision by saying it will prevent the koozie from warping the records.... yeah thats it!
  8. might as well. the hobby. before after jazz corner
  9. Shows cancelled, 12" stock online! http://www.badtimingrecords.com/products/660418-kenny-obrien-the-odouls-12-ep