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  1. Purchased thanks for the post, I might have missed it otherwise!
  2. Bummer for sure, they have put out some seriously good stuff. I’ll be purchasing till the end.
  3. It was clearly stated after ordering that they don’t send email confirmation, just the pay pal payment confirmation. Not sure where you are ordering from but shipping between Canada to the US has been pretty high for a couple years now.
  4. you probably aren’t too far off, they pressed the welcome to the family comp a couple years ago.
  5. https://www.discogs.com/seller/thenewethic/profile some more of the records from the test press auction?
  6. Just received my clear splatter copy yesterday, however it shipped from Massachusetts and I live in Massachusetts so that might be why. But at least seems like they are slowly going out.
  7. Yeah wax vessel had preorders at the end of February 2021 and it got stuck in the production black hole so hasn’t shipped yet. I think technically discogs only allows an entry once records are actually in hand and shipping, so they only have the digital files listed for now.
  8. unfortunately I don’t know if these from a second story window albums will be pressed beyond the discography done by wax vessel last year.
  9. would also love one of those cassettes. Also don’t know if you do Reddit it all, but posting on the vinyl release/pre order page might be you some more people to check out the kickstarter. https://www.reddit.com/r/VinylReleases
  10. bull moose is great, but as it’s just a small regional independent chain I would imagine other indie spots will have this eventually too
  11. yeah I thought vagrant had better mailers from past orders, but man that thing was flimsy
  12. https://allhailbehemoth.com/products/arsonists-get-all-the-girls-motherland-lp sorry to bump this particular thread but first time on vinyl for motherland
  13. Exactly, and there is the option of taking the standard deduction which doesn’t require one to list out expenses. But obviously if your expenses are higher than the standard deduction it’s better to itemize everything out so you can get full credit for all expenses.
  14. I don’t have a business ID number so turbo tax just uses my social security number to identify
  15. I work off a 1099 as a tattoo artist without being an established business, when I file my taxes using turbo tax there is a more advanced section that costs more to file than with just a w2. In that section turbo tax allows me to itemize deductions or you can take the standard deduction which I often do because it is usually higher than my expenses and doesn’t require any itemization which I think makes me less likely to get audited? However I do have no idea what I am doing really but it’s the way I have filed for the last ten years without any trouble. Just annoying that it costs like $50 more to file even though the program only asks a few extra questions.
  16. Seriously, I missed that the first time I looked at the dates.
  17. This description from Brooklynvegan makes it sound like malo was a lost album and they just did their best to make it sound good and then released it. But I’m not 100% sure. https://www.brooklynvegan.com/audio-karate-releasing-lost-album-malo-watch-the-sin-cuchillo-video/ During 2018, Jason dug up his old MacBook which contained the Protools files for the 13 songs recorded in 2007 at Lady Melody Studio. A time capsule of sorts, AK learned the songs were a lot closer to complete than previously thought, many of the songs they had forgotten they had ever written and recorded (except Justo he remembers random stuff). Enlisting the help of their old friend Mike Jimenez (Rufio) who now owned Modern Fuzz studio in Pomona, AK remixed the album taking special care to not re-record any parts and rely on the rawness and spontaneity of the original sessions. The result is Malo, a snapshot of AK in their prime.
  18. Some emo revival can be a little too jangly for my taste, but sun eat moon grave has just the right amount. Catchy and not boring all the way through.
  19. Haha good luck off loading the picture disc, I’ve been avoiding the urge to settle for one those
  20. Don’t know if anyone else cares but happy to get this at a not inflated price. https://allhailbehemoth.com/products/iwrestledabearonce-its-all-happening-lp