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  1. Thrice is my favorite band and they definitely did lose me on a lot of the last 2 albums but I'm really liking these first 2 songs. They tracked this themselves yeah? Is this the first time since Beggars? Perhaps the studio/producers got in the way a bit on the last few. I'm hoping for more energy and vocal dynamics but also completely down for songs like 'Robot' - definitely getting Beggars/Alchemy/MM vibes so far which gives me hope!
  2. Love this band and super keen for this but looking like will be $100 AUD...ouch!
  3. I am actually feeling quite the same hey. You described a lot of my thoughts. As big of a Patton fan as I am, I am actually finding him the more and more the weakest link on a lot of the recent projects due to the approach he is taking. Not that I know this for certain, but I feel like he is tracking his parts remotely in his studio and sending them in and they always feel 'separate' to the band to me. It is growing on me after each listen, and I love the energy this is bringing. This is actually the first Patton album I haven't blind purchased, and I am very conflicted right now!
  4. So new music is here! New track 'Super Sleuth' is streaming on his website here. Killer track! On his social he said the album is dropping Friday. This guy doesn't muck around, have been following his writing/tracking via his Patreon and can't believe how quick this is moving. As always, super keen to hear what he does.
  5. What's everyones thoughts on the album? I've had a few listens but at this point I'm a bit underwhelmed. Maybe I've 'over-maynarded' but I feel like he's the weakest link. For someone who used to create the most interesting vocal melodies out there pretty much every song sounds the same on this.
  6. This has been on repeat...REALLY digging it. Held of on pre-orders this time as don't often revisit Gore, but just ordered the Clear + zine through Maniacs store (AUS). A cool $80 but worth it! Just hope the clear pressing delivers.
  7. Keen to hear how this pressing sounds. I had heaps of issues with Dust & Disquiet noise wise. Not keen to drop $70 AUD on this if it's not up to scratch.
  8. I really REALLY wanted this but the shipping alone was over $70 US to Australia I've been meaning to look into some freight forwarding companies to see if I could get it shipped for cheaper but haven't had the time. Great to hear it was worth the wait!
  9. Is there anywhere else to get this? Just went to grab a copy from kingsroad and the cheapest shipping to Australia is $40 USD = $60 AUS, redic!
  10. Hi all! Unfortunately needing to sell a few records to pay some bills I live in Melbourne Australia but am happy to post, would just need to get postage quotes etc for international. If you are interested in anything shoot me through a reasonable offer. Thrice - Major/Minor - Ltd ed clear with blue splatter (sealed) Thrice - Vheissu Hot Topic brown marble (sealed) Thrice - Anthology Boxset (sealed) Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise (blue translucent) Circa Survive - Descensus (black) Moneen - The Red Tree (RSD Sealed) United Nations - The Next Four Years (white) As Cities Burn - Come Now Sleep (clear) Alone. - Somewhere In the Sierras Make Do & Mend - Don't Be Long (black) Make Do & Mend - End Measured Mile (Orange) Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We Are Missing (yellow opaque) Mewithoutyou - Pale Horses (blue/white) Silverstein - When Broken Is Easily Fixed (orange) Title Fight - Floral Green United Nations - The Next Four Years (white) Faith No More - Epic (MOV epic green) Placebo - Loud Like Love Jason Lancaster - As You Are Anchor & Braille - Felt (180g black sealed) Kaada / Patton - Bacteria Cult Caspian - Dust & Disquiet (blk/white) The Album Leaf - Between Waves Matchbook Romance/Motion City Soundtrack 10" The National - High Violet (180g black) Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - Canyons Clint Mansell - In the Wall OST (RSD) Max Richter - Three Worlds (180g)
  11. I actually haven't even hard Home & Minor, not sure how I've missed this! Will check it out! I finally got hold of the bandcamp link so got the FLAC now. Weird how the Copeland EP is 24bit and Blizzard is only 16bit... Looking forward to spending some good headphones time with this when the deluxe arrives. Friends Don't owe is probably the only track that I am unsure about but I'm coming around on it. Huge love for everything else! Definitely completely different to the last album but I think that's great as just makes them both something I'll revisit a ton.
  12. So how's everybody enjoying 'To Cure A Blizzard' & the Copeland EP? Truly spoilt having so many new Vennart tunes! I've had them on repeat. The surprising thing is that despite how many times I listened to the singles I don't want to skip them, the songs are just TOO good! Did anyone that pre-ordered through his webs tore get a bandcamp download link? I got a 'Singles' download but is only 320k, really need the FLAC!
  13. I would really like to hear these before I drop $200 (AUS) on the boxset. I love the Ten Stories box but never listen to it - wish I heard the album first! Can you direct me to the links?
  14. Can we just talk about how awesome 'Spider Bones' is? I cannot stop listening to it and in no way is it getting stale at all. Best yet IMO.
  15. Shipping alone man. So $200 Aud PPD. I'm a sucker for these type of booksets but that's up there. My Touche ones never cost that much.
  16. International shipping is fucked. $88 to Australia for the deluxe. Ouch!
  17. Hows the pressing guys? Keen to pick up the bone splatter variant. I think the production sounds amazing so hoping this is noise free with lots of dynamics
  18. Hey! Wondering if anyone could send me the new single Sentientia to my email? I've got the boxset on hold while they work out the shipping and I'm dying to hear the studio version. The live video is great but it's pretty spacey so I wanna hear it properly. Man the drums are killer on this one!
  19. Check out @Vennart’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Vennart/status/1014089252605497345?s=09
  20. Just saw Mike's post that these are actually made to order so can rest easy and wait for the shipping costs to be sorted. Phew!
  21. Wonder what the pressing no on the boxset is. Waiting to see if shipping to Australia can be reduced but I really don't want to miss this!
  22. So damn ready for this! Sounds like it's not been a smooth sailing release for him but I do hope the leak doesn't get around before the album drops. Haven't seen it pop up anywhere. Excited to see what pre-order goodies he has planned. I remember him asking for ideas a while ago. Hoping for 1 more new track with the pre-order to tie me over until September!

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