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  1. Grabbed one on white. Ive been keeping my fingers crossed for that box set since it was mentioned and that has to be at least eight years ago. If anyone knows where I can get a first press of II for a decent price please let me know.
  2. I went to a new store in Woodstock, NY yesterday but they didn’t have a sign and I totally spaced on asking the name while grabbing some really good stuff. I’m gonna google search it everyday until a result finally comes up and I’ll update this post. Also, a store is opening up in Milford, CT this weekend. Pretty sure it’s run by Jay Reason of Voice of Reason/The Distance/Stillborn Records fame https://instagram.com/staticerarecords?igshid=1vllqu5daoxij
  3. Crazy coincidence that in my Instagram “on this day” is the flyer from the first time I saw them in 2013. Hope to grab a deluxe version.
  4. One of the best punk records of the year https://thrillingliving.bandcamp.com/album/the-passion-of
  5. I hope there’s a way you can there’s a way you can import your collection from Discogs because there’s no way I’m reentering my collection to DF manually again.
  6. I have CoG and Feel Good Now but I’m interested in hearing them remastered.
  7. One of the best EPs from last year is getting a physical release https://droppingbombs.bigcartel.com/product/colonial-wound-one-sided-lp
  8. Life’s Question 12” on Trip Machine http://tripmachinelabs.limitedrun.com/products/674132-lifes-question-a-tale-of-sudden-love-and-unforgettable-heartbreak-12
  9. Loved this record when it came out. I’ll be sure to pick up a copy.