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  1. Loved this record when it came out. I’ll be sure to pick up a copy.
  2. What’s with this album and getting reissued with terrible artwork?
  3. Related, has anyone else read the Staalplaat book? I’m currently in the middle of it and really enjoying it. https://www.soleilmoon.com/shop/frans-de-waard-supposed-record-label-book/
  4. If only we could get The Agony Scene self titled press for a first time.
  5. I don’t think it will either. I’m sure this is sandwiched in between two absolute monster tracks. I saw Gira play a solo set last year and he played a lot of “demo” versions of new songs that were great. Also closed with God Damn the Sun.
  6. My favorite band. I go between Cop/The Seer as my favorite release depending on my mood. New track has more of an Angels of Light feel to it. I’m very interested to see if the whole record goes in that direction. To say say they lose steam playing long songs live is insane. I went to the last three nights of shows they played in a row in their last incarnation and they have more power and intensity over a three hour set than bands a literal third of their age have in a twenty minute set.
  7. Ordered from Deathwish. Now we need the Justin Broadrick/Jarboe collab to be pressed.
  8. Gonna be in SF and Sac in 2 weeks, anyone know of some decent shops for punk/industrial/noise?
  9. Will definitely be picking this up when some US stores get copies. Not trying to drop $40 on this.