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  1. Hopefully some Modest Mouse leftovers go online somewhere.
  2. I will definitely buy someone's print for cost if they don't want it. Also, side note, if Matt pressed In Streams on vinyl I'd just about die.
  3. I recently made one of these as well, it's mostly vinyl. https://www.instagram.com/modestvinyl/
  4. Missed out on the Sufjan Stevens 10" and Stef Chura 7." Hope those go up online somewhere.
  5. Love this album after one listen. Also, it looks like all variants are back in the RFC store.
  6. I totally missed out on the Devotion pressing, but apparently, according to their website, more are on the way. So if someone could send me one of those referral codes that would be sick.
  7. Interesting that this thread got made cause I was just thinking the other day that I should make one of these for my collection. I have a question though, are you allowed to post clips of your records being playing, or is there like copyright issues cause of music, etc?
  8. I got my Plaidroom copy today as well. My copy sounds amazing, much better than the digital, and the packaging is really nice like others have said.
  9. I somehow managed to score a splatter copy on eBay the other day for $10.00 and It arrived today in mint condition. This album is amazing and the pressing is beautiful.
  10. If the movie is anything like the book then it'll be great.
  11. Got a blue copy today and I love the packaging, I've never seen a triple gatefold like this before. Also, my copy sounds pretty much perfect, with the exception of a repetitive pop on the beginning of I Promise. Stoked to finally own this album.
  12. I also got a postcard today, I loved PV and still listen to it often. And I like the direction they were going with the 7" that came after it so I can't wait for this.
  13. I think Mythological Beauty might be the best song this year. This whole album is amazing, looking forward to getting my gold copy.
  14. Hate asking for free stuff but if anyone has an extra In Utero or Nevermind code by Nirvana that they don't want I'd love to have it!
  15. Blanco was my favorite album from last year, I love every song on it. Did not expect a new record this year, I can't wait for this. and this new song is amazing.
  16. WHM is definitely in my top 5 from this year as well, I love it. The band also put up their last remaining merch if anyone missed it http://pitysex.bigcartel.com/
  17. It's 100 half and half and 50 black according to the label's facebook.
  18. This album is way better than I thought it would be, I actually can't stop listening to it. Call It Losing Touch is probably my favorite track.

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