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  1. Also Styles losing at Mania makes sense now, they weren't going to have him beat Cesaro or Owens on RAW. So have him beat Jericho and it leaves Owens and Cesaro as furore opponents.
  2. Is Santa Bateman the new username for Crime. Hates New Day, Hates Taker, Hates Sasha but was happy about Ryder? Come on man.
  3. I have 2 more hours of work until my Mania weekend starts. I need to be FREE!
  4. As stated above the DTD players who are actually hurt will be put on the DL soon, they just haven't finalized rosters and they want the timer to start when the season starts.
  5. I've done some dumbass shit in my life, a lot which will not be posted on the internet.
  6. I never wear a seatbelt because I am an idiot. I have been in a few serious accidents too.
  7. They moved the total divas 6 woman tag match to the preshow and put the Battle Royale on the PPV. Think they are catching on that no one likes Eva.
  8. I'm pretty sure if I did not work for the town he would have written me up, I also wasn't wearing my seatbelt. I have a serious problem with being a badass.
  9. I mark all ads as "inappropriate" because I am a dick.
  10. NXT bender at my house on Friday. The wife and I are planning on going next year with a Disney visit sprinkled in. I think a whole crew of us are going.
  11. Just got pulled over on the way to work. " Oh, you work for the town? Your inspection sticker is 4 months expired, get a new one, ok?" The one and only perk of being a custodial technician.
  12. Watching the D Bry special that aired after RAW. It's a bummer.
  13. If Shane is willing to do that high spot in the opening segment of RAW, what's he going to do at Mania?
  14. I was just on the site like " WTF", I'll see you guys tomorrow.
  15. I need to get out of work for the sole purpose of smoking a butt.
  16. When it started I honestly felt that it was being created to showcase bands who might not be able to do full U.S. tours. It had sponsores but they were smaller companies that kind of catered to the subculture. Clearly it made money or they would have stopped doing it. Now it seems it should be the Motorola Mtn.Dew Warped Tour brought to you by Nike. I wouldn't be surprised if we found out that bands have paid there way onto the tour, it's a shame.
  17. I went from 97 until 02. Those were great ones, mostly bands that didn't come out East a lot, every once in awhile a weird act would be on (Emminem, Kid Rock, Black Eyed Peas). I didn't go back until 2012 because my brother was working for a band on it and he got us all access backstage passes. (I'm cool) I will have to say that it has changed greatly in the time I missed from the bands to the guys doing merch to just the general vibe of it. Oh well. In conclusion, Fuck The Warped Tour.
  18. Anything after 8 east coast time works for me.
  19. I'll be at the Cocksparrer show the week before.
  20. Just bought my ticket to see Cocksparrer with AN (ew) here in June.
  21. They are at the Middle East in May with Dropdead.
  22. The first one I went too was in 1997, I stopped attending them before 2002. How cool am I?

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