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  1. This record is sick and tbh I was never about this bands other records before.
  2. Years ago I did a vinylcollective secret Santa where my secret Santa sent me a mix CD with Sweet#hart on it. Was into First Temple for a while after that, but it’s been a long long time since I’ve listened to it. After seeing this thread, I gave the album another go and still dig it enough to order a copy of the repress.
  3. This record is amazing, the mix is so fucking good.
  4. Pretty much in the same boat myself - I’ve always thought this record could do with a vinyl-specific master to warm up some of the harsh brightness.
  5. Wow this totally flew by my radar for the past 6 months. I sold all my OG Shinedown pressings years ago when the prices got outrageous but I'll definitely pick them back up.
  6. Amazing EP - would absolutely pick it up in a heartbeat if I didn’t already own the first press.
  7. It put me in the queue - by the time the queue ended and it took me to checkout the spit variant was still in stock so it let me proceed with checkout. I entered all my credit card info, went to click “place order” and then it told me the item had sold out. No big deal, I just don’t get what the ‘queue’ system is for if it’s still just a mad scramble to checkout first like every other limited preorder nowadays.
  8. Sold out before I could get it and I was on right at 10. One would think with the way they had it set up so you “waited your turn in the line” that once you got through to checkout it wouldn’t be a mad rush to order before they’re gone past that point but alas.
  9. Aaaaaaaand sold out. Frankly astounded they sold out of an entire run of 1000 records for this with a day’s notice beforehand they were even being released.
  10. Dang amazed they sold out of the first two variants that fast. Tried to get the /200 but it was gone by the time I clicked “order” so I went with the /300.
  11. Hell yeah another one I can check off the “will this ever get pressed to vinyl” list
  12. Ended up being $415ish on Deep Discount after a 10% promo code.
  13. Same...kinda stupid though that there’s no tracking number on the order confirmation page despite it being “shipped”
  14. Update: right after the chaos of the first 20 minutes aster the drop I sent Field Day an email through the contact form on their site asking if they could confirm if my order went through. They replied within the last few minutes and told me it did indeed go through!
  15. Also does anyone know when these are supposed to ship? Has the label said they have them in hand already (I'd assume based on the photos they've posted that they do but who's to say) or are we gonna be waiting a couple months for the label to get them from the plant?
  16. Had the same issue as most of y'all where I was on the site when it dropped, put both in my cart (using PayPal as the payment method) and went to checkout, then it crashed at the last stage of checkout. Thought I lost it, but my PayPal account got charged and 20 minutes later I got an order confirmation from the label.
  17. I have a Record Doctor and it’s the only wet cleaning method I’ve ever used. It takes forever to do (probably 3-5 min per individual LP), but works great. I use it with MoFi branded LP cleaning solution.
  18. I work at Know Hope Records and we’ve spent every day since Thursday packing up shipments and taking them to the post office in batches. We have around 500 orders and it’s just two of us doing the packing, so hopefully they’ll all be in the mail by Tuesday at the latest! If you ordered just the record WITHOUT the book, or the book with the splatter variant it’s already in transit! If you ordered with the book + the color in color or the tri-color variant those are what we still have left to pack and they’ll be out in the next couple days. Also everyone’s order includes a free record or two from the label’s back catalog as a thank you for your patience in putting up with the obnoxiously long delay in getting these from the pressing plant.
  19. Their best record (in a catalog of nothing but hits) and my AOTY after one listen. I’ve listened to Fell in Love probably close to 20 times already, a magical masterpiece of a song. Also if anybody got the Lame-O subscription variant and doesn’t want it lmk I’d trade it for a copy of the new IIOI album (on black 180g wax - limited to 200) or pay you for it.

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