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  1. http://youtu.be/-A8KprypFNw?t=1m56s haven't been around in awhile, but glad I could make that joke.
  2. Little late to the party, but I just killed 4 hours in civilization 5 without realizing. Definitely worth the 7.50$ on steam right now.
  3. You need a circle pad pro for monster hunter 3, can't imagine that being playable without a second analog stick. Good news is once you pick up a circle pad pro, it works with metal gear solid 3, the kingdom hearts game, kid icarus (left handed mode), and resident evil revelations...all great games that are made infinitely better.
  4. Anyone else completely bothered Domestica has only sold ~57k?
  5. It won't. Xbox 360 was D.O.A. in Japan. They sell horribly over there, so most Japanese devs aren't really keen on putting software out on it. Ni No Kuni almost didn't come stateside at all, it took almost two years to translate. Definitely a game worth playing though.
  6. SRC has daybreak on clearence. 7$ http://www.shopradiocast.com/products/Saves-The-Day-%252d-Daybreak-LP.html
  7. Dragon's Dogma is a lot of fun, been meaning to get back into that. Although I'd wait on it, Capcom is releasing an expanded version pretty soon and that will kill it's current value if you're not the sort of person that cares about DLC and whatnot.
  8. I'd go with Lost Odyssey then, story was great. I'd steer clear of Blue Dragon, it was a good game, but super old school/lot of grinding. Eternal Sonata and Tale of Vesperia are pretty similar, think they may have been developed by the same team. Vesperia was hard to get into/didn't really dig the story, but Sonata was fun/different. Started up Star Ocean once upon a time, but never really went back to it/couldn't tell you.
  9. Get Resonance of Fate, idiot publisher put it out the same day as FF13, and it flopped hardcore, but it rules. Couldn't recommend it enough.
  10. Picked up Botch Cave-In Sense Field Wire Coheed The Roky Erickson 7" hopefully got a copy of built to spill live en route from vintage vinyl. BUT...the scores of the day were defintely non-rsd items. Highlights include a copy of Tom Verlaine's "dreamtime" 9$, and a copy of CKY's Infiltrate. Destroy. Rebuild. for 3$!!

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