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Urban Outfitters Exclusives

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I know, I know.. UO sucks. But they've gotten into the cassette game, so here's that thread.

So far, besides the monthly sampler tapes, they've released four exclusive cassette versions of previously released albums:


Beach House - Depression Cherry





Halsey - Badlands





Marina And The Diamonds - FROOT





Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2



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I'll have to pick up that beach house release. I've been warming up to UO since their comp tapes are actually pretty rad and not just stuffed with mumford and sons-esque stuff. Plus their CSD release had the nicest j-card I've ever seen yet the tape was free.

if the shell isn't velvet then count me out

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If there was an option to ship to store for free I would grab that rtj but that's my running album so I don't even know if I'd want to own it.. Maybe if there's a color shell.. Why don't they have additional pictures -_-

Mine is scheduled for delivery on Wed. I'm sure it'll have a colored shell. Hoping it's teal.

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