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PO: Travis "The Man Who" Numbered Limited Edition Collector's Boxset

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16 hours ago, allenh said:

Mine arrived today and I'm listening to it now. Very pleased, nice package and a nice pressing.

Ditto - it's a stunning package (the other half even said it looked very nice) and sounds great!

The signed picture is of nice quality. Whoever got a numbered one let us know the difference.

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Just got my copy. As much as I wished this contained every b-side on vinyl or another disc of demos or a live album, this is a really great set. It's pressed well. Mastering is great. It's sounds fantastic. The book is a nice trip back 18 years. Reminds me of when I had a subscription to the NME and Q. Great album. Still holds up. 

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On 9/15/2017 at 6:57 PM, timsimmons said:

Also this has Blue Flshing Light. So it's already better than the OP

Does it have the long gap between Slide Show and BFL or does it go right to it?

I was listening to this album on Spotify the other week, sulking that I didn't order this box set and it had a long gap between the two.  I can't believe in a digital era I still had to wait through 2 minute of silence to hear a bonus track :P.

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