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Flightless Records - New Releases and Reissues

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Just now, pepperonigin said:

I really didn't plan on it but I don't think I can pass up that bundle, once the shipping gets sorted of course. Wish there was some sort of discount though.

I was hoping there would be a minimal discount if you bought the bundle.  Rather have $10 off or something than another slipmat I don't need.

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Just now, TheDuke said:

I see a few have managed to get a bundle, only a few mind....been stuck at 1431 copies remaining, for half an hour now! :)

Yeah I think I was able to get one nearly ordered but tabbed away to post on this thread and check a currency converter to see how much the total cost was in USD. Glad to know I wasn’t hallucinating when I thought I was able to add the bundle to my cart and almost complete the transaction. 


Also so glad to know that this is a site issue and not that they just aren’t shipping to the US. I must admit I was pissed at first. 


Its all good. Been waiting for this shit for years. What’s one more night?

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7 minutes ago, craigeduk said:

it really shouldn't have been hard for them to have the site properly prepped for this to avoid this utter clusterfuck, very poor planning 

It's not going to look good on Eric's resume, is it! :D


Edit: Seems the issue is with Auspost's servers and not Flightless. They are working on it!

Edited by TheDuke

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9 minutes ago, craigeduk said:

Well as we can't actually order anything what are peoples thoughts on the variants? Have to say that I'm actually pretty underwhelmed by them


1 minute ago, HoneyFrosted said:

I've been waiting to own these albums for a while now so I couldn't care less what the actual colors are 

Same here, I just wanna complete the set! That said, the FAFYL Kale & 'nana smoothie is quite nice.

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