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BRANDTSON -Send Us A Signal LP Now Shipping!

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UPDATE OCT 24, 2010

Just wanted to give a quick update. The records are scheduled to arrive here on tuesday. I am waiting for a few things to come together. The test press jackets are currently being made by Joe of Ohio Pride like the last Brandtson record I did. They look really neat. For those of you that pledged, I am hoping to have everyone's records out by November 1st. I'll start shipping out the smaller bundles first, since most won't include test pressings. For those of you who did not pledge and are interested in ordering a copy, they're listed on my store now, but not active yet. They'll be ready to order TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 and start shipping immediately.

I know this has been a long time coming, and I promise you, it was worth the wait. I'm so excited to get these in your hands. If there are any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask!


Before anyone freaks out, this has been in the works for over a year now. I met with Brandtson, and we all agreed that the only chance to get "SEND US A SIGNAL" pressed on vinyl would be to do it through Kickstarter. If it does not hit the goal, it won't get pressed. The reason it took so long was there as a lot that had to be sorted out with licensing. It's sorted, and it's expensive. But this is what I really wanted to be our first release, hopefully it can be our next. I promise the kickstarter thing wont be habit, this is just what was decided a almost a year ago for this release. The band and I would love to see it happen, and I we're going to make it really special if it does. I found about ten copies of each the blue "Dial In Sounds" and the "Trying to Figure Each Other Out EP", there are some rewards that include those, and some other combinations. PLEASE pledge, to help make this happen! Also, this wont happen without strong word of mouth. I plan on promoting everywhere I can. This is your release too! (Details below)



Cleveland Ohio's BRANDTSON recorded several ground breaking and influential albums for Deep Elm records in the late 90's and early 2000's. In 2004, BRANDTSON and Deep Elm parted ways, when they found a new home with The Militia Group. Then came "SEND US A SIGNAL", which many consider to be their finest work.

DREAMOVERrecords, based out of Chicago has already reissued BRANDTSON's 2002 record, "Dial In Sounds" on limited edition vinyl. We now have a window of opportunity open to press "SEND US A SIGNAL", but we need your help! This will truly be the only chance this incredible record has to be pressed to vinyl.

Unfortunately, licensing is quite a bit more expensive this time around, and we want to make sure we give you another high-quality Brandtson/DREAMOVER release.

The Goal to make this release happen is $2500, which still won't cover the whole cost of production. The money you pledge here will help fund mastering, lacquers, vinyl, sleeves, inserts, licensing, and everything else that needs to go into the release.

If you are new to KICKSTARTER, there is a handy FAQ located at the top of this page. But here are some basics...

-This page will act as a sort-of preorder with many options available

-If you want to see this release happen, you will need to pledge

-If the goal is not met by the deadline, the record won't get made and you won't get charged.

-No money is actually charged to you until the goal is met and the deadline is reached

-If the goal is met and deadline is reached, you will be charged the amount of your pledge, the record will go into production right away (if it hasn't already) and you will receive whatever reward you signed up for!

Any questions can be left in the comments or emailed, and I will answer ASAP! I will leave updates on estimated dates of production once we get closer to the goal. //

//PRESSING INFO/KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE COLOR: As of now, the plan is to press 500 OR LESS copies of this record. It will be extremely limited and special. We are offering you guys the chance to get a very special color that only people who pledge will receive! To make it more special, once you pledge, you can leave a comment on the kickstarter page letting us know what color you want the most exclusive variant to be. Within reason, I will add them up and choose from the top voted colors! These will most likely be pressed on two other colors TBA, which will be available here and to the general public after the pressing.

//RELEASE DATE: The record should be expected no less than one month but no more than two months after the goal is met!

//OUT OF PRINT REWARDS: Because of the relationship we have been lucky enough to form with BRANDTSON and because we pressed "Dial In Sounds" we are able to include two very special out of print rewards. We are down to less than 15 copies of "TRYING TO FIGURE EACH OTHER OUT EP" on vinyl, which the band released in 2000. We are also down to less than 10 copies of of "DIAL IN SOUNDS" on hand numbered (out of 100), BLUE vinyl. These items can be found in some of the rewards, but once they are gone, they are gone forever!

//SHIPPING FOR REWARDS: ALL REWARDS include shipping in the US. If you are not in the US, feel free to pledge for the reward you want. If we hit our goal by the deadline, we will just send you an invoice for the difference of actual shipping cost to your home. The invoice will not be sent/due until closer to the album release.

Rewards can be found on the kickstarter page:


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Had you put this up a week ago I would have already pledged. Just spent over $600 on a circuit board for my furnace and a new sump pump. Having a house sucks sometimes! I'm definately getting in as soon as I can, I NEED this record bad. In the mean time I'm telling every one I know.

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Had you put this up a week ago I would have already pledged. Just spent over $600 on a circuit board for my furnace and a new sump pump. Having a house sucks sometimes! I'm definately getting in as soon as I can, I NEED this record bad. In the mean time I'm telling every one I know.

thanks for spreading the word! keep in mind if you pledge, you won't get charged until july (if it gets fully funded). and you can cancel your pledge later if you decide (though i wouldn't recommend it ;-))

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