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VC Fantasy Baseball League

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Draft March 27th, 9:30 PM EST, I think only two people will not be able to make it (jefferson and fredrico). this will be a keeper league so keep that in mind! 


MikeT - Brew Crew 2013

chamb117 - Strangers in the Alps

stl_ben - The Sex-Bob-Bombers

gkersey - Bad News Bearers

jhook - JHooks Moshers

TheMoosen - Bringing Sexon Back

Lemongoat - Her?

Ian Rees - Bad News Beers

brock309 - The Milwaukee Beers

jeffersonhowell - Luchas Del Muchados

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I think undroppable is kind of dumb. Everyone should have enough common sense and if something egregious happens we can just sort it out.

NA, especially in a keeper league, seems like it is just encouraging people to stash young talent. But in the words of Murphy MacManus: "I'm strangely comfortable with it."

Do whatever you want with either setting. I won't complain.

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