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It's "Temporarily out of stock" but mine arrived in only 7 days. It's even $1.50 less than the digital download!


A1. Speed of Sound (Chris Bell)

A2. Lover (Devendra Banhart)

A3. Middle Management (Bishop Allen)

A4. Ottoman (Vampire Weekend)


B1. Riot Radio (The Dead 60s)

B2. Fever (Takka Takka)

B3. Xavia (The Submarines)

B4. After Hours (We Are Scientists)


C1. Our Swords (Band Of Horses)

C2. Silvery Sleds (Army Navy)

C3. Baby You're My Light (Richard Hawley)

C4. Very Loud (Shout Out Louds)


D1. How To Say Goodbye (Paul Tiernan)

D2. Last Words (The Real Tuesday Weld)

D3. Nick & Norah's Theme (Mark Mothersbaugh)



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It probably would have been better to make this thread had this record still been in stock. Now, it's just sort of like "Hey guys, here's a record that exists! But you can't actually buy it where I found it."


(It's still a really good soundtrack, though)


You can still place an order at that price and they will ship it out when it becomes available. When I ordered mine last Tuesday, it was also "Temporarily out of stock" but it was shipped 4 days later and arrived yesterday. They won't charge you until it ships anyways...

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Ordered this on ebay from newbury comics recently.  they have another one up




6.99 plus 3.95 shipping. 


thanks for the heads up, bought this. under $11 shipped for this is cool deal.

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Thanks! Cancelled my amazon order and went with this one. Doesn't say backordered, so it should be in stock.

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