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  1. Releasing January 17th, 2020 /1000 Blue - Pinegroveband.com store exclusive color /? Black https://store.pinegroveband.com/products/654398-marigold /? Yellow https://shopusa.roughtraderecords.com/marigold?___SID=U Signed Yellow https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Marigold-Exclusive-Signed-Marigold-Yellow-Vinyl/6AT50000000?utm_campaign=recordstorecoukWeek44PinegrovesgeirHMLTD301019&utm_content=UMGUK13879-689160&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Email Tracklist: 1. Dotted Line 2. Spiral 3. The Alarmist 4. No Drugs 5. Moment 6. Hairpin 7. Phase 8. Endless 9. Alcove 10. Neighbor 11. Marigold
  2. Yeah I agree with ya there Edit: Real shame because I thought the mixing for Rooms was fine and dandy
  3. Hoping I don't need to print out a picture to put under a xmas tree lol
  4. Do we know when these are supposed to go out? Anybody get shipping confirmation?
  5. Didn't get a shipping confirmation email from KRM USA but I checked the order status and it says shipped w/ tracking number.
  6. Orders from the MWY band site haven't shipped yet either, right?
  7. Damn wish I waited... Who knew it was going to be same price (including shipping) for both records... Edit: OH WOW THE EP IS OUT TODAY