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PO: Fuzz "Live in San Francisco" Via Castle Face Records

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The post automatically abbreviated the URL which might have been the problem if you were copying and pasting. I just embedded the url into the text so it should be fine now. 


As for the tracklist it's hard to say what I'd love to hear most. HazeMaze and Loose Sutures were incredible live and would receive no complaints from myself if they make the cut. 

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Guest deleted

Street Date: Nov. 26, 2013

“Behold—when we introduced this live series, we spoke of lightning in a jar—this here’s a thunderstorm. TY SEGALL’s new stoner thrashers FUZZ not only totally murdered this set at San Francisco leather-daddy hangout The SF Eagle, but it was Ty’s birthday and he blew out his birthday cake candles mid-song, didn’t miss a beat, and that moment is forever etched into this record (we took a photo, too).

“The place was insanely packed and they sound like the agile wolf-men they are up close and personal—Ty, mic wailing through a guitar amp and dominating drums like it’s the easiest thing in the world; CHARLIE, guitar set to Hendrix-meets-Hawkwind melter-mode; and ROLAND, keeping his bass firmly lodged in the groove—the jams are thick and wooly, we got some great photos of the night—man, this was one to remember and we’re super excited we captured such a freakishly good performance. As always, captured hot to tape, and mixed and massaged by our crack team of speaker-freakers (CHRIS WOODHOUSE, ERIC BAUER, BOB MARSHALL and JOHN DWYER) and shot to nicely grainy (real) film by BRIAN PRITCHARD.”

—Castle Face Records

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According to SPIN :


Fuzz Live in San Francisco track list:

1. "This Time I've Got a Reason"

2. "Fuzz's Fourth Dream"

3. "You Won't See Me"

4. "One"




Thanks for the heads up, I'll be keeping a close eye on their site/my inbox until this drops. I wonder if that's all the band played on the night or whether Castle Face just chose to cut or didn't record the full set. 

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