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  1. can someone PM me if they ever re-release night at the opera, or do a special sign up for it. thanks,
  2. Hmm, no edition size, seems this is unlimited.
  3. I can't give you the details, but just know the reason was pretty fucked up.
  4. Interesting, do you have a youtube channel for reviews, I find your personal opinion relevant to me and I would like waste time listening to it.
  5. I know how to swap, but how do you swap for the hip hop of the month, it's not on the list.
  6. noname

    Record Store Day 2018

    First 10,000 on green vinyl??
  7. noname

    The Third Man Records Thread

    $80+ hell no. I'll just wait to buy a ticket for 50% off on stubhub week before the show.
  8. I have virtually every variant they have made so far, but fuck this, I ain't getting any, maybe the castleface or heavenly just to get one.
  9. Anyone know when the pre-order is?
  10. noname

    The Third Man Records Thread

    independent records cancelled my order for margo price on blue. Thanks dicks. If anyone finds any other sellers, I'd be grateful for a PM
  11. What order number? I got 13900.