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New Pre-Orders up at Castle Face

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3 minutes ago, GoBlue325 said:

I realize this isn’t a castleface topic, but it’s OCS related. 


Any updates from Rock Is Hell on that live release that was pre-ordered a couple months back? I thought the last update said shipping mid-may, but I’ve heard nothing. 

The label has added it to discogs with a 31st May release date, so looks like its just started shippimng



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5 hours ago, arumajiro 零 一つ said:

Okay I'm laughing less at anyone who went for the 4xLPs now. I'm not an etching fan but that's some next level shit.

Those looks like screenprints and not etchings but they are very cool. If they are etchings color me impressed

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12 minutes ago, timsimmons said:

I'm going back & forth over ordering. $38 shipped to the UK.


But also hidden at the bottom of their mail out confirmation that their reissue of Island Raiders is coming in Feb!


"Along the same lines as the throw-back OCS line-up, we are re-issuing "Cool Death of Island Raiders" this coming February...I know that there's been some misinformation and conflicting information about this but it is in the queue and getting ready for you, just a little reminder."

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